Meet Radhika Khemka, a woman of wisdom in business and philosophy

Meet Radhika Khemka, a woman of wisdom in business and philosophy

Radhika Khemka ,the brains behind the sterile napkins brand “Niine”, gives you the insight behind the venture.

As one of the leading women entrepreneurs, Radhika could easily relate and comprehend the needful circumstance of ladies in her country. Other than this, she envisions bringing menstrual hygiene issues to light, featuring the significance of feminine cleanliness and the need to standardize the monthly cycle.

Aside from playing a pivotal role in the administration of shudh plus hygiene products Pvt.Ltd and in the Khemma household, Ms. Radhika likewise holds unmistakable fascination for the territories of dance, music and art. During the pandemic, she stepped forward to educate young women with feminine cleanliness by collaborating with innumerable NGOs, Government authorities, undergrads and famous people.

She is an icon and motivation for women to cater to their partner’s development as she played a fundamental part in her significant other’s stature. Talking about her vision and commitment in the organization,she said, “Menstruation is very essential as it is required in a crucial health stage in a woman’s life. It is very unfortunate that taboo notions are raised against a process that is very natural and empowering. Normalizing must begin in one’s mind , then in the hood and then in the world . Men should take up a crucial role in normalizing the taboo and hence do their active part in breaking the stereotype and will instill confidence in women to feel rightful , belonged and empowered”. Her life objectives predominately are focused on the advancement of women.

She plans to instruct the greatest young women about the significance of feminine cleanliness through workshops across different schools and universities .

Her vision to connect with each corner of the nation has driven her to make a chain of niine, which she figures out as a sweet and remunerative experience. It turned out to be very shocking to realize that Rajasthan imperial’s turned into the first historically speaking cricket crew to team up and support a sterile napkins brand. The feature of this cooperation was pullover as it comprised Color purple which is shaped by a blend of two tones blue and pink separately.

While blue addresses manliness ,the shading pink hints for ladylike vibes featuring the extent of sex uniformity which will plainly kill the feminine disgrace and make the world for humanity. Co founder Radhika Khemka, worked together with Princess Diya kumari organization during IPL 2020 to help nine young ladies with feminine cleanliness in each run scored by group Rajasthan Royals all through in IPL 2020. This could be ideally taken into consideration as a great attempt to fortre a space which was otherwise left unseen.

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