Big Trill and DaBlock365 Accused Of Impersonating Celebrity Rappers On Instagram

Big Trill and DaBlock365 Accused Of Impersonating Celebrity Rappers On Instagram

According to @Rap.ponzischeme Big Trill and his company DaBlock365 along with 520 promotions are orchestrating the “tag an artist” mixtape scam that has been occuring for several months and involves more than 50+ celebrity rappers such as Fat Joe, Amber Rose, The Game, Gillie the Kid, Jadakiss, Bow Wow, Dave East, Da Brat, Juelz Santana, Benny the Butcher and more. These major artists are alledgedly allowing Big Trill and DaBlock365 to impersonate them on Instagram and offer aspiring artists slots on mixtapes, which are promoted no where except the artist’s Instagram account for a very short time. Many artists are complaining about not receiving any real results.

In another article posted online titled “Redman, The Game, Fat Joe & more accused of working with fraudulent promo company called DaBlock365” thousands of independent hip hop artists are accusing this promo company of fraud. Many feel they were mislead and deceived by believing they were talking to the major artists, and not someone using their Instagram accounts.

Reports are circulating online that a class action lawsuit is in the works as well. Is this a bad business practice or a scam? I guess we’ll have to let the feds determine that.

The screenshots and evidence is everywhere online, with many people posting screenshots of the same copy and pasted messages from different celebrity artist’s Instagram accounts. The true extent of this alledged fraud is mind-blowing considering how many artists are involved and how much money is being generated. It is also shown in the screenshots posted everywhere online they are using many different payment methods with various names and alliases. This may be interesting when the IRS gets involved

Always do your research before spending any money on anything online. A quick Google search of DaBlock365 scam shows hundreds of articles and screenshots of people saying they were scammed, including a detailed report from Audiomack Vice President DJ Booth. Can this many people be wrong?

Saqib Malik

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