Meet one of the unconventional doctor in United Kingdom , An artist and an entrepreneur : Dr Salman Shahid

Meet one of the unconventional doctor in United Kingdom , An artist and an entrepreneur : Dr Salman Shahid

Today is September 14 and we are incredibly lucky today to have Dr. Salman shahid who is a Clinical director at NHS in England. You may have seen him in a series of live sessions and interviews recently during COVID Pandemic in which he, along with his fellow doctors helped both white and Asian population as they were more prone to this virus.
Well entitling him with only DOC sounds very conventional, because he is been in arts and music for past few years now and he is an excellent singer. He is an entrepreneur and has been working on several business projects globally.

Also he is actively involved in charitable work and has been a helping hand for several NGOS in U.K and Pakistan.

He is going to be answering some of our questions today

So lets get right to it

Vicky : Hey Dr. Salman. we welcome you in our live session. how are you?

DR Salman : Hello Vicky, I am good! First of all thank you for having me in your show.

Vicky : I am really looking forward to this interview, some exciting questions are coming your way.


You are very strange combination of all I would say professions, how do you manage?


Well, life is all about balancing you know and its very important to pursue your dreams and passion and go beyond that capacity. So when we are young we decide and start dreaming about what we are going to be like an engineer or doctor etc etc. and that mainly because our parents and elders keep talking about that, but as we grow up we start exploring other things and professions around us and we get to know that we are not limited to be doing only one thing. If you think you have that talent or you start exploring other aspects of your personality, your passions, your interests than one should go for that too and never limit themselves to only one profession.


Do you prefer one profession over other?


Well you know being a doctor, it always will be my first priority you know to be their for my patients, for NHS, when am needed the most. I will never compromise on that but on the other hand I will be honest and will do justice to every profession that I have chosen. Like singing is something I really really want in my life. It is something that I love staying connected with. And as you mentioned earlier, other business project and charitable work, these are the tasks which I manage to do side by side with everything.


You are a clinical director at NHS Northwest England? It’s a leadership role right? Do you think its difficult?


Well nothing is so simple to do and if you do not find it difficult doing you will eventually get bored (hahaa). But obviously working with such a reputable organization it feels like a big responsibility and at the same time I feel privileged for being on that position.


Do you think one could have many professions?


Definitely!! Specially if you think you are multitalented and have many interests or if you are good at many things, then one should explore themselves and should not stick to only one thing. You know for instance if you are an IT engineer but you also love to write and like to make stories and you want to take it to another level. Then you should go for it because you are not limited or restricted to be doing only one thing. Plus since past few years science and technology has been making progress a lot and new fields like robotics and artificial intelligence have emerged among youngsters and they find it very interesting and thrilling. So yes as we are now living in 21st century and with time this tradition for sticking to only one profession has been changed because this new generation likes to explore new things related to science and technology and it’s a very good thing.


You did a lot of work during COVID tell me about it ?


Yes they been very crucial and tough 5 months you know. No vaccine no treatment no knowhow about the virus and increasing number of patients. That was a tough time and we are still dealing with it. But off course when you get to face such situation, doctors have to deal with it in the best way possible.

We had a series of live sessions and our main focus were Asian countries. Where chances are higher that people will suffer from the virus the most, mainly because of poverty and high population, and obviously their economic and literacy rate. People there were more ignorant towards safety precautions. So it was very important to make people aware and what do’s and don’ts should be follow.


Do you think art is important in life?


A lot I think. People usually don’t realize it but arts and music can make your life extremely joyful and it does have a huuuugeee impact on your mood. If one have something hard or difficult to work on or if you are feeling very tired an energetic song will likely wake you up and add some enthusiasm to the situation. Similarly arts not only makes you productive but it also have a nice impact on your physical and mental health.


You were signed by T series India and did a song a few years ago ? Are you planning for any other track soon ?


You have been into productions as well. Tell me about it ?


What message do you have for people who are listening ?


I would like to give message to the viewers that we all have learnt one thing from this pandemic that nothing lasts forever and eventually with time everything changes. So do good to other and let others do good to you too. All you need to enjoy this life to the fullest, pursuing your dreams and passion, going beyond your capacity and doing whatever makes you happy. Appreciate nature and arts and music.


ALRIGHT! Thank you so much Dr Salman, very much appreciate your time and everything that you have been doing at NHS and for our nation. It was great talking with you.

Looking forward to having another session soon!

This interview is carried out in London by Vicky Elston. Video interview will be on aired very soon.

Dr Salman Shahid works as Consultant Family Physician in Manchester U.K. and regional clinical Director.

Derek Robins

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