Meet Lenney Leong The Founder of Get Customers

Meet Lenney Leong The Founder of Get Customers

Lenney leong is a young entrepreneur who founded Get Customers, a digital advertising agency. Times have changed drastically within the past couple of decades and he realized that word of mouth and ads in the news papers were no longer enough for a company to succeed which is why he used his skills in the marketing industry to create this company. Lenney’s first business venture began at 17 when he started a cooking academy. He takes great pride in this part of his career since even at such a young age he was able to create a video in half a day that has been able to generate over 7.2 million views as well as over 48,000 shares. Beginning his venture was very scary for him but thankfully in the end it paid off and Lenney moved on to Get Customers and a MamasFuel, a lactation cookie business.

Once Lenney began he realized how much of a challenge advertising through the internet was compared to newspapers, television or billboards. One of the most crucial parts of social media was the immediate access to feedback from your audience. By having a platform where anyone from anywhere around the world could contact you and share their experience, it allows companies to utilize this feedback and make the necessary improvements. One thing that makes Lenney unique is that he is able to focus on the quality of online content since it has been proven that when an entrepreneur focuses primarily on providing quality content rather than what will create the most sales, they will end up with more sales in the end. Lenney recognizes that catchy phrases in advertisements are still very effective but one of his many skills is that he is able to identify what is required to keep an audience’s attention. By being able to create videos that are effective at keeping the viewers attention, Lenny continuously creates efficient ads. Coaching is also a large part of Lenneys reformation process. Training is the only way to improve on your marketing abilities. As old fashioned as it seems, email marketing is also a very useful tool. Email marketing is still very effective if used right. Other suggestions are blogs since communication between the entrepreneur and the audience builds trust. The cherry at the top is social media marketing. This new form of marketing is by far the most important and crucial part of a successful business. Through social media customers are able to convey their experience from anywhere around the world which could be a make or break for many companies.

The many different ways that social media is used to provide advertisements is overwhelming but with the help of this young innovator many companies have been able to transition over to modern marketing. 

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