Media Guru Sheeraz Hasan Pokes at Kylie Jenner With Giant Billboard Across From Hers

Media Guru Sheeraz Hasan Pokes at Kylie Jenner With Giant Billboard Across From Hers

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re Sheeraz Hasan and you have a towering billboard in West Hollywood across from Kylie Jenner’s own massive billboard, well you only need eight. Sheeraz has printed “Do You Want To Be The Next Kylie?” boldly next to an image of him and his website.

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Sheeraz Hasan is a fiery media consultant and CEO of FAME by Sheeraz who has worked with a long list of stars like Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and perhaps most notably Kim Kardashian.

In addition to executing global media campaigns that always result in breaking news for his high profile clients Sheeraz offers a “FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass”, 10 online courses aimed at teaching brands and artists what they need to do to become famous.

One of his lessons in the masterclass deals with what Sheeraz calls “the art of poking”. In it Sheeraz stipulates that in order to break news and become a trending topic on the internet you have to take a stance and loudly tag or provoke a trending celebrity or cause. According to Sheeraz this is a way to show your “x factor” or what makes you special to millions of people for free, thus making it “earned media”. Sheeraz’s campaigns to date have reportedly generated around $3 billion of earned media.

By printing that provocative message about Kylie Jenner across from her own famous advertisement, Sheeraz is in effect practicing what he preaches, and the results speak for themselves as the billboard has reportedly already sent many inquiries Sheeraz’s way.

Some of Sheeraz’s most notable past campaigns and PR stunts have included the biggest meet and greet of all time when he managed to get 100,000 raving fans to show up to see Logan Paul in the Dubai Mall, or when he got 250,000 fans to show up for a Kim Kardashian appearance. Sheeraz even talks about in the masterclass the tactics he used to help secure $2 million for Jennifer Lopez to perform for 20 minutes.

Sheeraz has been interviewed on virtually every network around the world for the past 15 years about the state of pop culture and for his marketing expertise. Most recently Sheeraz was in ABC 2020’s Sellebrity which aired last September and in BBC’s special documentary Celebrity: A 21st Century Story which aired last month. In both specials Sheeraz was heavily featured talking about how helped make Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears famous in an era before social media. You may have also seen Sheeraz in Paris Hilton’s recent viral hit documentary “This Is Paris” where he is running her campaign for her skincare line in South Korea.

You can learn more about the FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass and all of Sheeraz’s upcoming media appearances at

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