Md. Nasir credits digital platforms for his successful run as a trading educator

Md. Nasir credits digital platforms for his successful run as a trading educator

Thanks to social media, we are no longer foreign to words the are related to trading. But do you really comprehend their true connotation? Don’t keep any doubts because we know of an excellent trading educator whose perfect guidance will lead the right way for you! He is Mohammad Nasir Ansari. The trader and educator run a YouTube channel called Baap of Chart where he bestows the best trading knowledge.

Md. Nasir himself is a successful trader, but he learned to trade in a very tough way. His process was full of losses and a little bit of profit until he realised the right principles of trading. His experiences inspired him to start a YouTube channel and guide thousands of others. But why did Nasir use YouTube to reach people out?

The educator says, “I wanted to reach the maximum number of people who wish to be traders, but I also didn’t want to make it about earning money. While YouTube is the most preferred platform for understanding concepts, what could be better than this? Moreover, people will not have to pay to understand trading.” Md. Nasir’s motto of guiding people was completely selfless, and we can see that!

Nasir and his team started a channel on YouTube called Baap of Chart in the year 2015. Through this channel, he wanted to explain the highs and lows of trading by narrating his own experiences. It has been seven years since the channel started, and now they have 100k subscribers and have uploaded more than 200 videos. Mohamad Nasir started educating with just a whiteboard, and now he has updated the techniques so much.

“I used to teach trading by using sheets of paper and a whiteboard, but many traders felt that it was not well presented. What matters most, however, is the quality of the knowledge and experiences that I was attempting to share. And I thank everybody who has supported me on this journey,” Md. Nasir said. Besides YouTube, he also uses other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a couple more to come out as an educator.

If you too wish to understand more about trading, here is the link to Nasir’s YouTube channel:

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