Activities to Keep Kids Engaged During Festivities

Activities to Keep Kids Engaged During Festivities

Raksha Bandhan is approaching full speed, and people have been prepping for it. Some are planning to have a grand celebration with all the relatives coming together. In contrast, others are preparing to deliver their Rakhis to their brothers living across India or even Abroad. Kids are among the most excited people during the festivals; they enjoy the celebratory moments of jumping and running here, eating lots of sweets and snacks, wearing quirky and adorable kids Rakhi, and laughing wholeheartedly.

While parents worry about their kids’ health and lifestyle, during holidays and the festive season, they tend to ignore what their parents tell them not to do. They are free spirits, and their curiosity leads them to do many ‘not-to-do’ tasks. They overeat at festivals, spend time outdoors and do all the silly things without worrying about their health. Can we blame the kids with adorable smiles?

In this space, we will provide you with some exciting activities to help you engage the kids without letting them ruin their healthy lifestyle during the Raksha Bandhan festivities.

A Menu Choosing Game

Children get excited when they hear the word “game”. Engage your kids in a fun sesh by asking them to make a menu a menu for the celebration. This is Raksha Bandhan, and tell them that everything will be brother-sister centric and all the food will be of the winner’s choice; whosoever wins. Make some rules, such as in 15 minutes they should give you a list of healthy foods and what we can make with them, and a minimum of 5 healthy things should be there. You can set winning criteria and tell them the winner will be the person who will add more healthy veggies and fruits.

This activity will let your kids engage in a fun, productive session. They love to compete and try to win in the smallest of games. This will keep them engaged and maintain their healthy lifestyle. You can set a limit on eating sweets instead of completely cutting them off. Ask your kids to find exciting snack recipes; they will indeed find it interesting but give them a ten-minute time limit so they won’t get more screen time.

A History Unveiling Game

If you want your kids to stop roaming here and there, then choose this activity. Tell your kids that more than five stories are associated with the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Ask them to choose one level they find more exciting; if they want, they can also do a little skit. Whosoever will get a special reward. This activity will keep your kids tuned and encourage them to learn the history and unforgettable stories of the Raksha Bandhan festival. It would not let the kids hover around and munch sweets and snacks.

Make Kids Event Planners

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan but not putting up decorations, are we really? It will indeed be the most fun sesh for the kids. They love [participating and using their creative side. Include your kids in decorating the home. No! We are not saying to make them stand on ladders and chairs to put up banners and other decoration materials. That will be scary! Ask your kids to choose their favourite coloured materials, and they can make some colourful paper bunters and inflate some balloons.

This activity will let them focus on their creative side while keeping them occupied instead of running and munching unhealthy foods. You can make them healthy sandwiches and lemonade in between their activities to stay healthy and attentive.

Handmade Cards, Rakhis and Self-Cooked Food

You can never go wrong with this activity. Let your girl child prepare a handmade Floweraura Rakhi for her brother and ask your boy kid to make a lovely handmade greeting card for his darling sister. This activity will engage the kids and let them connect with each other. You can also take your kids’ help or encourage them to cook something for each other. They can help you make sandwiches or toasties. It will not only bring out their creative side but also encourage them to eat healthy instead of gobbling unhealthy foods.

With these activities, you can motivate your kids to stay healthy during the festive season and also enjoy the time wholeheartedly. These activities will surely keep your kids engaged for a handsome amount of time.

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