Love Khaani: “Opportunities Don’t Happen. You Create Them”

Love Khaani: “Opportunities Don’t Happen. You Create Them”

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” says the 24 years old CEO of Gift Smile Events Love Khaani. Love Khaani works to bring people happiness. Love dreams of touching the lives of millions by becoming a successful influencer in the field of humanity. She believes that quality is more important than quantity and strives to put that in her actions. Love had her share of misery but never gave up and always hoped that things would work out in the best possible way. Love has said that she was alone at the beginning when she started her business and didn’t have a team but she was very lucky and god supported her because she use to help unknown people, she use to make strangers smile and she got many smiles in return that’s why she named her company “Gift Smile events”. She believes that if you do good to others, it will come back to you in some way or another.

Love is living a standard life. She is an independent and successful woman and has her own car and flat in UAE. She is listed among the top 3 Pakistani influencers based in UAE and ranked 1st as a Pakistani event organizer and is the first influencer to own the event organizing company “Gift Smile events “.

Love’s biggest strength is her family and she wants to be the best and do the best for them. She believes in charity and wants to donate as much as possible to make a difference and make someone smile.

Love was motivated by a social media post to not work under anyone but rather be the owner of one so, after losing two jobs she didn’t apply for another job because she was not ready to lose another job in future or get fired again.

Love Khaani has a philosophy of her working and she says that if you have a business or product give your customers a valid reason to buy from you, offer something unique and deliver the best quality, not the quantity that is the reason her products are heavily in demand and her events are always fully booked.

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