Long-lasting beauty revolve around Vietnamese culture

Long-lasting beauty revolve around Vietnamese culture

Talking about PMU(Permanent Makeup) in Asia, people often think that it is a cultural adaptation from the West – where it “seems” to be at the forefront of this beauty trend. However, from the perspective of Asian culture in general and Vietnam in particular, long-lasting beauty has existed for a long time. With the Master of Physiognomic PMU, discuss a different view of the concept of “long-lasting beauty” with PMU from thousands of years ago in Vietnam.

Long-lasting beauty revolve around Vietnamese culture

Standards of beauty have changed over the course of history. From the very beginning of forming a tribe – the first form of social organization, tattooing is one of the oldest customs. The most typical is the custom of dyeing (tattooing) teeth. Brau women have the custom of tattooing their faces and teeth, stretching their ears.

Sometimes, painting on the body has a deeper value than just a concept of beauty . According to the book Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu in 1285, the Tran military officers and soldiers wanted to strongly show their determination to fight against foreign invaders and protect the country, so they simultaneously tattooed the two words “Sat Than” (meaning: killing the Tat army, which is the Mongols) on hand to raise morale and encourage the spirit of generals.

The women, everywhere, all the time, they always aspire to make themselves more beautiful. The standard for beauty evolved from the wild to the elegant.

“Van looked gentle with a decent elegance,

Her face a full moon, her eyebrows two long arcs.”

(The Tales of Kieu – Translated by Phan Huy Mạc Phi Hoàng)

When compared to the old days, now women have more make-up such as eyebrow pencils with charcoal soot (can be replaced with cork). Lips should be flushed with traditional red paper or clay. And in modern times, beauty needs to be associated with long-lasting.

Developing direction of PMU from the perspective of Master Le Huynh Anh Vy

The purpose of modern PMU is to preserve the beauty of the nation and serve the goal of creating sustainable beauty. Not only talking about the modern nature, the trend of the tattoo industry, tattooing is more and more bringing with it a great cultural acculturation. Master Le Huynh Anh Vy – founder of the well-known beauty salon Omm Brows, shared:

“Cosmetic tattooing today is not simply putting a pen and tattoo spaying the eyebrow strokes, the need to learn about physiognomy is increasing. Trends are moving towards combining modern techniques with feng shui and physiognomy of ancient times: like the eyebrow shape must be wide open to be good or the eyebrow hair must be sharp. First, feng shui tattoo spraying will create natural beauty, then attract good things. Because of the old concept, the harmonious five senses are the root of beauty as well as a forecast for a successful and fulfilling life.”

As the top 5 best digital feng shui master tattoo artists in the world, Le Huynh Anh Vy has helped hundreds of customers find their true beauty back, enhancing their inherent beauty. Therefore, he understands very well what the tastes and desires of long-lasting beautifying Vietnamese really are.

“If PMU is called permanent makeup, feng shui cosmetic tattoo spraying is eternal beauty. Because the nature of it is to beautify, fine-tune depending on each face. Each one has its own beauty, natural beauty but different.” – Mr. Le Huynh Anh Vy also shared more about what is the new long-lasting beauty standard.

“Of the hundreds of customers who come to me, they are always interested in beautifying according to their own appearance. They are willing to spend numerous amounts of money to develop beauty in a long-lasting way – both beautiful, different and long-lasting in their lives.”

The future of tattoo spray industry in the East in general and Vietnam in particular

As a country imbued with culture and love of beauty, Vietnam is becoming a potential market for the field of PMU. When beauty is cherished and cultural values ​​are preserved, the concept of “long-lasting beauty” will be what everyone is aiming for.

As a Master of Physiognomic PMU, Le Huynh Anh Vy is leading in applying his deep knowledge of culture and physiognomy into each of his products. Le Huynh Anh Vy believed that it is not just an ordinary beauty but a long-lasting beauty. Beautiful and harmonious five senses, suitable for feng shui to successfully explore and improve life.

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