Locast Launches Its Free Live TV Streaming Service in South Dakota

Locast Launches Its Free Live TV Streaming Service in South Dakota

Locast a live TV streaming service that propelled back in January in New York City to offer access to 15 stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Recently Locast ventured into a seventh market with the expansion of Washington DC. what’s more, Baltimore. Try not to search for Locast to stop there as per the general population behind the service they intend to continue venturing into different markets not long from now. With Locast people can stream ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC among others for free in Denver, Washington DC., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York, and now South Dakota.

Today Locast declared that they are including the state of South Dakota to their service.

“Serving Rural America has always been a goal of ours,” said David Goodfriend, Chairman of SFCNY. “Like much of rural America, many households in South Dakota cannot receive an over-the-air signal and in some cases are more likely to have access to broadband than to broadcast. Now, with Locast, our friends in South Dakota can receive a strong, reliable video stream of their local programming, including critical news, weather, and local public interest programming.”

As indicated by Locast it had the option to launch service in Sioux Falls and Rapid City because of liberal commitments from local businesses and residents of these networks. “I believe that these kinds of local partnerships will be the foundation for Locast’s success for years to come. We hope to replicate this relationship with many local businesses in communities across the country,” said Goodfriend.

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