Learn About Success From The Leader Himself- Tushar Kansal

Learn About Success From The Leader Himself- Tushar Kansal

Learning about success from an industry leader alters the definition completely. Often, struggling folks fantasize about it, believing that it is all about the ultimate outcome. In truth, the journey is wonderful in and of itself, and it is what causes success to alter for everyone. A leader may tell you about the challenges he experienced in a particular world and what he learned from them. Taking a learning path from each challenge is the key to half of success because it is when you realize that each failure has a little bit of success wrapped up in it, and an intelligent person can learn from it.

Tushar Kansal, an entrepreneur with 22 years of experience, is a household name. He is the creator of Kansaltancy Ventures, which is on a mission to provide all new company and startup owners with the necessary knowledge so that they may learn about the procedures in the proper manner. It is all about preparing the company for funding so that investors have no reservations about investing in it.

What Does Success Look Like for Tushar?

Tushar is a “Thought Leader” and “Thought Influencer,” regarded as the foremost authority in Finance, Venture Capital, Business Dynamics, and Spirituality, with a global following. This achievement did not come easily to him, and it is the result of his education and understanding of the fields of his interest. He began his career with a B.Tech from The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, which is associated with the “Textile Institute Manchester, UK” and is part of India’s major Industrial & Education house, “The Birla Group.” After that, he earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Delhi and an Executive Education Leadership certificate from the famed Harvard Business School.

Tushar defines success as more than simply owning a business; he also enjoys assisting others. In fact, he created such a unique company model only to aid others since he feels that accepting and delivering help does not imply weakness but bravery.

The Next Steps

Tushar has huge hopes for Kansaltancy Ventures and wants to make a major difference with it. “At Kansaltancy Ventures, I intend to help change-makers accelerate their aspirations through Venture Capital, Angel Investment, and Strategic Services, utilizing my network of 1000+ Investors/ VC Funds taking up worldwide projects while being industry agnostic,” he explained. So far, the organization has successfully collaborated with over 1000 global investors and counseled over 5000 startups and growth-stage businesses.

They now operate in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and India, but with the notoriety they have received, they will soon be expanding their services globally. One good thing about their advice is that it is in line with sustainability rules and promotes the green environment since no business should operate in such a way that it poses harm to the environment. Establish your startup and prepare it for success and funding with Kansaltancy Venture.

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