Large iceberg breaks out of Antarctica, threatening coastal cities?

Large iceberg breaks out of Antarctica, threatening coastal cities?

Global warming has increased the fragmentation of large Antarctic ice sheets in recent years. One such glacier is still separated from Antarctica. A piece of the world’s largest iceberg has fallen from Antarctica into the Wadel Sea. This piece of ice is 170 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide. From the size of this piece, it is estimated that the piece is seven times larger than Mumbai and larger than New York Island. The fall of the glacier is said to pose a threat to coastal cities. (World largest iceberg break in Antarctica)

A piece of ice is floating in the sea of ​​Vedel
According to the European Space Agency, the iceberg has broken on the west side of the Ronnie Ice Shelf in Antarctica, which is currently floating in the Sea of ​​Waddell. Researchers have named the glacier A76. Satellite measurement technology has been used to determine the size of the glacier.

Antarctica’s temperature is rising, and the ice is melting faster
The temperature in Antarctica is rising day by day due to global warming. As a result, the ice is melting faster. Glaciers are also beginning to melt. In such a situation the water level rises. Which threatens thousands of cities.

Danger to coastal cities?
The issue of global warming is becoming more acute. Global warming threatens to raise sea levels as the ice melts. Thousands of coastal cities are expected to be at risk.

Big impact of melting ice in Antarctica
The impact of Antarctica’s melting ice is enormous. According to a study by researchers, sea levels have been rising since the 1980’s. The researchers reported an average increase of 9 inches. The melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland is high.

What will happen to the broken iceberg next?
Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting due to increasing global warming, so this iceberg is isolated. Researchers predict that the iceberg will break in the next few days

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