Kumar Aryan, a 16 year old visionary boy ruling Digital Market

Kumar Aryan, a 16 year old visionary boy ruling Digital Market

Kumar Aryan, is a mere teenager who is making all his friends motivated and somewhat jealous of his success. His driving force is passion and fuel is dedication.

“Passion is something that drives our life”
This quote is not so uncommon but it doesn’t make much sense if you got to earn for a living.

Well, today we will be proving this percept wrong. We all know that how hard it is to follow our dreams when we are burdened with the responsibility of serving our bosses. But if you are dedicated enough and you dare to not only dream but to achieve it, then it doesn’t bother much.

This has been proved by “Kumar Aryan”, he hails from a small city of Bihar, and always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur.

He is mere 16 and redefining what success appears like. Kids of his age are seen playing cricket in the fields.

But this is not the case with Aryan. He has always been enthusiastic about digital world. And that is why he started his journey into it.

Dedication is the most important thing in achieving anything. There are times when one feels low. In this world where FOMO and a utopian life is extremely accessible through social media, dedication becomes important.

Doing this ain’t easy and there are a few who dare but the reason we are sharing this story is solely because “Kumar Aryan” has proved himself a perfect example of hardwork and dedication.

In a place like Bihar, where scoring marks and topping in class seems to be the ultimate goal in his age, he is not only helping himself but setting an example.

Entrepreneurship has always been about ideas and their meaningful implementation. Age has never been a criteria in it. Aryan proves that right.

Aryan says that sacrificing all his fun is not even an issue. Because when he will become well recognised in his field then he will have a lot of memories to remember and smile upon.

Derek Robins

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