KATSU: The Project that is disrupting the NFT space in the SOLANA ecosystem

KATSU: The Project that is disrupting the NFT space in the SOLANA ecosystem

The new SOLANA PROJECT named KATSU is a collection of 1,111 provably distributed aggressive Anime style art NFTs with a mission to form a core community. Their goal is to discover and incubate the most promising NFT and Web3 projects investors can find with short term and long-term benefits. Each KATSU NFT acts as a digital key that gives access to its holders to an Eternal Land filled with art & community in Metaverse called Meta-Zen. All Holders will also get to represent a seat in the DAO Council and will be able to vote on what ventures do the project invest its revenue in future.

Inspiration Behind KATSU’S  DAO Council :

DAO council is being created to bring minds the NFT community at one place and sharpen the idea’s by getting different views from their holders to promote an everlasting brand. The name and branding are a perfect representation of their mission statement: Victorious & to create an elite community that is ready to navigate the NFT space in a positive direction and benefit their holders most importantly.

Artist & team behind Katsu :

The brain behind this unique NFT project is the talented Saurabh kumawat, who has an alias name known as Lone_Hustler on his socials & Yoda on Discord. He is 23-year-old NFT marketing guru who has been HOD of multiple successful projects in Ethereum ecosystem. Saurabh is also a part-time gamer and is both the leader of the Team and the concept picker for the art. Saurabh is also working with a team of 3 developers from MIT who are developing the smart contract that is one of a kind for the Katsu community. They intent to keep their identity anonymous considering the Pseudonymous nature of crypto for the safety of their valuable assets from potential threats of cyberattacks.

Tugba Kara is the Artist behind the art of Katsu, she has been a very talented Artist from Turkey. She has created an amazing quality of work that’s for sure.

Masao and his team have been very active in the NFT space for over past 8 months, they have developed very valuable connection with top influencer’s other projects that have already sold out or are coming up. Using those connections and the right information that they have learned all that they could about NFTs and familiarized themself with the NFT community for few months or so. Saurabh believes that the only way for him to learn is by trying to do things and experiencing it and he is finally ready to drop his first collection and enter the Web 3.0 world. The first thing we noticed about this very valuable project and its community is that Masao is very active in the Discord and communicating well with the members and heavily influencing people to be active in contributing to the project. He is setting right pillars for the foundation and sustainable growth of the community. The artist Tugba is also very proud to announce her unique collection and she has shared her statement with us in an interview that this collection is the first and they have already started working on 3D art of a special collection of 5,555 mints for the greater growth of community.

When Will KATSU be Released?

The collection will allow minting for their whitelist holder on Friday March 11, following with their Phase 2 of Pre-Sale and Public sale on Saturday March 12, and is quite affordable as it will cost just 1 SOL (about 0.032 ETH) each according to the current prices of crypto.

What does the Roadmap Look Like?

The Roadmap is very simple and filled with utilities. Project has disclosed that their main reason for the first drop is to find its core members of their community and reward them in the most lucrative way possible. I have never seen a project giving away a free NFT to its holders per mint 3 at 3:1 ratio. It’s a major giveaway to the whitelist spot holders as they are getting this wonderful opportunity to capitalize on their investment.

Derek Robins

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