Karan Vaghasiya, founder of 3 companies, one is cyber security company named “Cyberinject” other is Digital marketing company named “Digital Square” and Social media management tool named “Stackyourpost” Not only this, he is having experience in social media management from last 5 years. All these things achieved at the age of 23, unimaginable!

Asked in an interview that what message he wants to give to the youth, he advised to never give up on the dreams. It is his never giving up attitude that has made him a successful person.

Born and brought up in Rajkot, Karan left his home at the age of 16 and started learning cyber security. At the age of 18 he became the trained M tech and not only this he has trained over more than 10,000 people in the path of cyber security.

Cyber security is something that the world is demanding right now due to so many cyber crime cases. Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

As a cyber security expert he has solved many cases related to that and given security to MNC companies.

When someone has done so many things then surely they get featured, he had featured in TV9, NewsNetwork18, Divyabhaskar and GTPL national television as an expert advice on various cyber crime cases.

He is getting awards from the MNCs where he worked as well as he is the winner of 2018 National Level Competition on cyber security.

This was his overall achievements up to age 23 and yet there are more to achieve. His life journey may seem pretty successful and fascinating but the thing is his full time dedication and zeal to do something has given him this fruitful result.

You can call him as a cyber security expert. He has proved that age is just a number to follow the dreams, the only tools you need to become successful is motivation, dedication and a hunger to achieve your dreams.

He has faced some hardships also and it is the part of the success. You just need a strong will power and a never giving up attitude.

When we make a plan of our future, many of us think to execute our future after graduation but the thing is when you are sorted about what your dream is then start working upon it as soon as possible, this is what Karan has done.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Priyanka Chopra, Bill Gates and there so many influential personalities who have given so much time and dedication to achieve their dreams.

Karan Vaghasia is in the way to become a super influential personality as his achievements till now is remarkable and there is more to grab on his way.

If you want to walk in the path of success you just need to be dedicated to make your dreams true and you have to convert your dreams into your life goals like Karan has done.

Derek Robins

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