Justice HQ Is Redefining the Legal Industry By Adopting Technology

Justice HQ Is Redefining the Legal Industry By Adopting Technology

Justice HQ Is Changing The Way How Traditional Law Firms Work

While people continue to argue about the impact technology has on our lives, certain fields are being greatly benefited by adopting technology in their traditional working ways. One such field of work is the legal industry that has seen a massive change in the last year and attorney Robert Simon is making sure that more and more people come to know about it through his law firm, Justice HQ.

 Justice HQ is a technology-driven one-of-a-kind law firm. Robert Simon came up with the idea to establish it back when he realized the need for a better way to manage his law firm operations. He had founded The Simon Group in the year 2009 and at that time, practicing law was very much competitive and difficult. He was a fresh Law School Graduate and it took him about 3 years to gather the finances to start his firm with his twin sibling Brad Simon. In 10 years, they grew their business and became an authoritative figure in the legal industry. They started receiving several resumes and got many cases, but they were not able to efficiently manage them all. As a result, Robert, Brad, and their head of marketing, Teresa Diep came up with the idea of Justice HQ. They set it up in such a way that attorneys were able to work and network at one place while also having access to resources that could help scale their businesses.

Robert has even shared details regarding how to become a part of Justice HQ. He disclosed that all the applicants have to face a screen test where they are cautiously examined so that only the best get entry into the firm. The founding members and board of directors of the firm were also subjected to a similar process and it is something that they wish to continue forever. Once someone passes the screening test, they gain access to Justice HQ’s online platform which houses a remote mailroom, a member-driven document bank, a secure messaging platform, and a member directory, and also some educational video content. They likewise get access to flexible workspaces and conference rooms in Downtown Los Angeles, Torrance, and Orange County. Soon, these workspaces and conference rooms will also be available in San Diego and San Francisco.

Robert is confident that Justice HQ is going to be a pinnacle of the legal industry shortly. The legal tech industry will become a multi-billion dollar one and will continue to grow forever. In addition to the fact that it is difficult to contend now as a customary physical business, however Justice HQ is additionally ready to assist attorneys with having a more noteworthy quality of life by giving a superior balance between work life.

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