Jonn Poker Is Content Creator Who Is More Than Just Another Makeup Artist

Jonn Poker Is Content Creator Who Is More Than Just Another Makeup Artist

Through his social media channels, especially YouTube, Jonn Poker talks about gender identity, the LGBTQ+ community, and a lot more.

Toronto, ON (May 10, 2020) – Being under the public eye means a person needs to take responsibility for everything that they are putting up. With the world going through such drastic changes in the established definitions of gender and sexuality, that more and more people need to be conscious about what they are talking about.

In this regard, budding YouTuber, Jonn Poker seems to be doing all the right things when it comes to being an online personality. Just one look at his channel and anybody can tell that Jonn Poker loves makeup. But that’s not just where the story ends. Yes, he is a makeup artist and continuously uploads videos on doing makeup and reviewing different makeup products. But what’s interesting to note is how he punctuates his makeup videos with other topics that the world needs to talk about. Not once does he shy away from his gender identity and how he identifies himself as androgynous and doesn’t believe in labelling himself as a gay man.

However, he is also aware of the problems around gender identity and the struggles several individuals go through in order to figure out the spectrum of sexuality. This is reflected in his other personal videos where he talks about coming out, how to be comfortable in one’s own skin, his experiences with dating apps, his relationships, and a lot more. These are the things more individuals with a voice need to address. When a person has a voice that can reach a substantial number of people, they should use it to address social causes and Jonn Poker does this with utmost beauty and elan.

Kudos to this YouTuber for using his channel not just for entertainment but also for inspiring individuals with need to nudge to go further in life.

For more information on Jonn’s background, visit his website, You can follow his social handles to stay updated on all his latest posts. His social handle for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are @jonnpoker. In addition to this, subscribe to his YouTube channel to get to know about his makeup reviews and all his new videos on other unique topics.

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