Father & Son Duo Creates Best New Dice Game?

Father & Son Duo Creates Best New Dice Game?

 A few months back after a game session of Monopoly, 9 year old Ryan asked his dad if they could invent their own game.  After some tinkering around with the dice from that famous boardgame, both father and son began to develop the rules of play for their new game.  Ryan had said the game needs to have players all rolling against each other at the same time.  “That would be cool if all the dice were crashing into each other” he exclaimed.  A point system was then developed to determine how players would win each round.  

 Wanting to combine the best of dice play along with the excitement of a card game, challenge cards were then incorporated into their newly developing game.  It was critical that players would not merely follow a predetermined set of challenges but also have their decisions help determine the outcome of their game. For this reasoning, some of the challenges can be played or passed depending on the strategy a player wants to deploy.  

 One of the best playing features is the fact that you are never truly out of the game.  Although 200 points are needed to claim victory, Ryan has come back from as much as a 190 to 15 points deficit to become the Champ!  However, there has been many times they claim all four players have had a chance to win on the final heads up roll!  This unique game play keeps all players engaged while battling to get the W.  

 After countless hours of play testing, this father and son duo are ready to introduce their exciting game to the world.  They believe there is no other game like it on the market today and it will have mass appeal at Family Game Nights across America.  For the first production run, they have chosen to crowd fund through Kickstarter.com and you can make your pledge for your copy from May 17th through June 16th.  Visit their website at doublediceoff.com for the direct link to their Kickstarter campaign. 

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