Everything you need to know about Successful Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar

Everything you need to know about Successful Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar

With everything getting digitalized, many brands and influencers are focusing more on building their reputation on social media. Every business has almost made its presence on Instagram with a primary reason for connecting to a wider audience. To have growth of any business page, there comes the need of digital experts who understand the A-Z of social media. Kishmel Eagar is an entrepreneur and the founder of Entry Points Media, an agency which has helped several online businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers grow on Instagram in a span of 2 years.

Before stepping in the field, the online marketer understood the fundamentals of the Instagram algorithm, engagement and what kind of content works the best. He suggests that picking up a niche and selecting the target audience is the first step before boosting any Instagram page. Other than that, interacting with the audience and using the right hashtags for the post is another important tool for growing audience on Instagram. Moreover, Kishmel very well understands how to monetize any business’ Instagram page.

Well, there are innumerable ways to make money through Instagram by selling products and services. Sharing some practical tips on monetizing an Instagram page, he stated that it is not important to have thousands of followers. After picking up the niche, one must understand that it is not saturated. If a niche is saturated, one must come up with unique strategies to sell products. Many people are making thousands of dollars by selling their products with the right strategic ideas. Another important tip is to interact with the audience by using Instagram’s direct messaging. “Pitch your clients by giving them the best offers and explain how it will benefit them”, said Kishmel.

The most important advice one must keep in mind is to be patient and consistent. Kishmel stated that it took him 8 months to make his first dollar on Instagram. However, some of the lessons he learnt from his mistakes were that he had a lack of skill after which he improved by doing thorough research. Besides this, to improvise the sales, he gradually started outreaching people. He quoted, “Outreaching is the key to getting clients and communicating what you have to offer in order to get paid. This is very important, especially if you are looking to scale and make more money for your business.” Moreover, with being an influencer marketing expert, Kishmel Eagar has also established his name in the digital real estate world.

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