Joane$ is a fascinating musician, who became successful at his career at a young age

Joane$ is a fascinating musician, who became successful at his career at a young age

Rising Hip Hop Star Joane$ debuts sophomore Album Essence Of Passion. He continues making a statement to help Millennials overcome anxiety and Depression. Joane$ is set to release Essence of Passion this fall September 04th on all major streaming platforms. This Artist has been creating music for about two years now and counting. His sophomore album will show you who Joane$ is as a person and the creative mind that he is. This Star defined himself as a singer, and songwriter, with singing abilities that deeply developed within his skill set. He displays this throughout the whole project, each track having a different concept but all linking together while following the bases. It’s incredible how it all forms into a masterpiece.

This album took a great deal of time and effort to create. A duration of just a little over a year to complete. Truly displays attention to detail, while adding the little things to his resume to improve his craft. This album will show how much of a leap Joane$ has taken with his craft and sound like no other. Joane$ displays a collective abstract organized piece of work with every song on that project. The production work will speak for itself. You can hear that compared to his last album. Joane$ continues to improve his sounds along with his flows. He continues to write to feel inspired. Essence Of Passion has reached new heights at its finest. Now just experimenting with the sound while having fun with it, still being himself. When you hear Joane$ you can’t help but get the melody stuck in your head, His sound has that lasting effect that makes listeners want to hear more. With this sophomore album Essence Of Passion, the listener will feel euphoric and a sense of connection to the lyrics and the musical content in the songs, each track has its unique style and vibe, with energy backing it. Along with different tones and sounds.

Joane$ is a very disciplined and determined music artist. Who has got a great understanding of music? Which he has used to create incredible songs on his new album! (Essence of Passion) The album will be just about 45 minutes long ranging a total of 16 tracks, An Addition of 3 songs compared to his last project. Talk about raising the bar! Essence Of Passion is exclusively available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can continue listening to the songs he currently has out to satiate yourself and find hope. Joane$ still stands on the same message to this day. Joane$ created the album to inspire and motivate people to fight the tough times and feel good about themselves during these rough times in a recession.

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