Jared Esguerra is a full-time entrepreneur who has grown his business from zero to 36 million dollars per year.

Jared Esguerra is a full-time entrepreneur who has grown his business from zero to 36 million dollars per year.

Entrepreneurship runs in my family. Since I was a child, I’ve had my own businesses in one form or another. From selling lemonade on the corner to designing websites for friends, I’ve always known I’d never work for someone. My life has been a roller coaster ride, with zero to several eight-figure businesses, zero to success, and then back to zero.

My journey has taken me from starting an affiliate marketing network for various cosmetic and nutraceutical brands that generated over $8 figures per year to owning and operating a proprietary algorithmic trading firm that generates yearly profits that don’t even appear real.

He recently told his life storey, saying,

I started working in affiliate marketing when I was 18 years old, which led to the creation of my own weight loss and cosmetic products. I grew the company to over 36 million in annual revenue by using Facebook ads and affiliate relationships. From there, I ventured into commercial real estate investing, buying distressed properties and repairing them for later resale.

My most recent and most passionate venture has been in the forex and cryptocurrency trading industries, where I lead a small team of elite developers who create automated trading algorithms that generate unheard-of annual returns of 100-200 percent.

How do you want to be perceived and positioned if you are interviewed by the New York Times today?

As a self-made entrepreneur who began from the ground up, made a lot of money, lost it all, and recovered. As the founder and owner of Astra Capital, one of the most reputable and profitable Algorithmic Crypto & Forex Trading firms.

Like fashion, our trading algorithms are never complete. When it comes to trading the cryptocurrency and forex markets, we are constantly evolving, improving, and innovating with the end goal of extreme profitability with limited downside. We’re thinking about two options. The first is licencing our algorithms to consumers, while the second is forming a hedge fund to bring in outside clients.

He says, “Be patient! Don’t make bad choices because you’re in a hurry.”

Self-awareness is critical! Entrepreneurship is popular right now, but it is not for everyone; conduct an internal self-evaluation to ensure that this is the life for you. And traders must recognise that manual trading is on its way out and that Algorithmic trading is the way of the future.. There is nothing a human can do that a computer cannot, but a computer can do a million things that a human cannot.

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