Jack Grealish hair? How does it look so good on the football pitch

Jack Grealish hair? How does it look so good on the football pitch

The Jack Grealish hairstyle has written many headlines over the years and here’s some help on how you can recreate the ballsy Grealish style for yourself using our exquisite Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee.

If there’s one thing to know about Aston Villa’s Captain Jack Grealish and any of today’s top Premier League football players for that matter, it’s that they are conscious about their very own individual brand image.

Top footballers will only use and associate themselves with the finer things in life including the best male grooming products on the market. As the proud Number One hair styling brand for Professional Footballers Hairbond United Kingdom has been supplying some of the world’s best football players for now nearly a decade.

A young Jack Grealish introduced himself to the brand a few years ago and like so many other EPL and International football stars established a great connection with the Hairbond hair styling products.

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