Australian Entrepreneur Marcus Pereira and His Journey

Australian Entrepreneur Marcus Pereira and His Journey

E-commerce and online businesses are more common these days. It has taken the world by storm and the industry is continuing to grow. You are given the option to sell on many huge marketplaces like eBay and Facebook, but also given the option to start and run your own e-commerce website. There are many successful businesses than run off these platforms. Marcus Pereira is part of that group. Pereira’s businesses are established on these platforms as he sells products from local retailers and international warehouses directly to his customers, without holding any inventory or stock. I was able to talk with him recently, and he shared some words of advice. His recommendations exemplify how he was able to take risks and come out on top while so many others have failed.

Learn a High Income Skill

The key piece of advice proposed by Pereira is that everybody must develop a profitable skill. Disregarding the traditional education system, Pereira insists self-education is important. It’s just half of the equation for performance though. He believes the most critical path to reaching the six-figure annual mark is to study sales.

Think From A Different Angle

So often, dropshipping businesses are established, selling a wide variety of services or goods without providing quality. Yet Pereira has advocated an approach to his own business. He focuses on providing high-quality products and an attractive price that meets a customer’s needs.  He stresses this extensively in his videos.

Dealing With Negativity

There are challenges and setbacks any entrepreneur has to face, and Pereira is no different. When he first started, he took on and tried to balance different businesses at a young age, more importantly, he neglected to scale his businesses correctly. This slowed down his business and pressured him to concentrate on successful scaling problems. Understanding that putting all his time and work into building one stream of income was a game changer for Pereira.  Most entrepreneurs and businesses are experiencing initial success, but none are in a position to sustain the performance on a scale.

Investing Into Yourself

Pereira cannot stress enough how important investing in himself was. He believes that not only entrepreneurs should do this, but everyone. Growing your own knowledge will allow you to scale as a person and make you more of a valuable asset. This includes discipline, building positive habits, and a positive or growth mindset. Managing others is meaningless if you cannot manage yourself.

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