Isaiah Wallace is Dropping an Album

Isaiah Wallace is Dropping an Album

When you hear the term, “Hip-hop” you don’t often connect the phrase to a teenager in the middle of the south, however, Isaiah Wallace has plans to change all of that with the release of his upcoming album “Here we go again.”

The album is a full 10 track project and features a variety of songs from lo-fi hits to classical bangers. The album is highly anticipated by the whole city of Chattanooga, and Isaiah Wallace cannot wait for its release just the same.

From the urban buildings to the old fashioned pubs. The city of Chattanooga houses many talents that are unknown to the world. And as said, one of these, in particular, is Isaiah Wallace, a young artist from Chattanooga, TN making a name for himself. He intends to change the epidemic of music in Chattanooga with his upcoming album, ‘Here we go again.’

He is highly anticipating its release as his city does too. The album will be released across all platforms for you and yours enjoying pleasure.

Isabel Turner

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