Influencer Toby Smiles 1M+ Followers Advocating for the Disabled

Influencer Toby Smiles 1M+ Followers Advocating for the Disabled

Toby Smiles is a Digital Creator who has gained millions of followers across his social media platforms. Toby is an advocate for disabled people, and has gained notoriety as a model, and as the “KING of Starbucks.”

Toby has overcome many challenging obstacles throughout his life. He was born 3 weeks early. On April 28, 2003, at 9:03PM, in Illinois. Suddenly, his mother’s uterus ruptured! Tension filled the room, there were 8 minutes of pure sadness as he was without oxygen. The doctor was not there. “There I was, a helpless, defenseless little baby on life support, rushed into surgery to have a feeding tube inserted into my tiny body. I stayed there for 6 long, emotionally exhausting, dreadful weeks. Although I was too young too realize, now I know that God is in every situation at any given time, and he saved me that day.” Claims Toby.

Toby started his YouTube channel about 6 years ago. He was on and off from posting on his channel. After a while, he decided to create a technology channel because he liked showing people how to do things on their computers, phones, etc .

Toby’s dream job was to be a CEO for Apple and he still might; but on December 28 of 2017, he made his first official YouTube video called predictions for 2018. He gained inspiration for that video from Rachel Ballinger, the sister of the actress, Colleen Ballinger. From there he decided to make YouTube videos for a living. He has seen countless people with disabilities, not be treated their age.

As Toby continues on his path, he wants to continue INSPIRING people. He wants to tell the world to stop treating people with disabilities like they are not smart, and actually see what they are REALLY thinking. They are probably smarter than us. They just can’t express it like we do.

He has shown the world that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. Toby had his eye on a specific Gucci bag, and in TWO WEEKS was able to raise the money to buy it. It’s not about a Gucci bag, it’s about making your vision turn into a reality. Toby has done that and will continue to inspire the world with his determination to make all his dreams come true.

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