In North America, BYD launches the Seal electric vehicle, a challenger to the Tesla Model 3

In North America, BYD launches the Seal electric vehicle, a challenger to the Tesla Model 3

As it approaches Tesla in terms of worldwide EV sales, BYD, the biggest manufacturer in China, is increasing the stakes through the end of the year. In North America, BYD debuted the Seal electric sedan as a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla competitor BYD introduces the Seal EV in North America

As it develops the brand in the area, BYD disclosed that the Seal arrived in Mexico last week. After the Dolphin’s September introduction, the Seal is the second electric vehicle (EV) in BYD’s Ocean series to arrive in Mexico.

It will join the Dolphin, Han sedan, Tang SUV, and Yuan Plus, which were all introduced in June, as the fifth BYD EV in the area. Two variants of the electric sedan are available: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Starting at 778,800 pesos ($44,600), the RWD variant will cost you $51,000, while the four-wheel-drive version will set you back 888,800 pesos.

With a 61.44 kWh LFP Blade battery and a 150 kW rear motor, BYD’s Seal RWD has a WLTP range of up to 460 km (286 miles). With an 82.56 kWh LFP Blade battery and 390 kW of power, the AWD variant has a WLTP range of 520 km (323 miles).

In contrast, the WLTP range of the Tesla Model 3 is 638 km (396 miles) and it starts at 881,900 pesos ($50,500). The Performance variant costs 1,154,900 pesos ($66,100), while the AWD version starts at 985,900 pesos ($56,500).

As BYD approaches Tesla in global EV sales, the story breaks. With more than 170,000 fully electric vehicles sold last month, BYD overtook Nissan for the first time.

EV leader Tesla delivered 435,059 EVs in the third quarter, despite the company not disclosing monthly sales figures. At 431,603 sales, BYD is just 3,500 deliveries away from overtaking Tesla as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle manufacturer.

In the last two months, BYD has sold 335,655 EVs, setting up a successful year-end push. In an attempt to end the year strong, the corporation unveiled additional promos this month.

Electrek’s View: 

BYD’s international sales are still increasing. Key markets such as Thailand, Brazil, and Columbia have already seen the EV producer rise to prominence.

BYD is growing not only in Mexico but also in Australia, India, Hungary, and a number of other foreign markets. As of November, the business had sold about 1.4 million electric vehicles. An additional 170,000 EV sales would equal about 1.57 million. According to Tesla, it will reach 1.8 million.

In addition, BYD recently unveiled the Sea Lion 07 and Song L (shown above), two new electric SUVs that aim to compete with Tesla’s Model Y. The business reported that as demand increases, its Song L had over 11,000 pre-orders in just 17 days.

Even while it’s entertaining to watch, it’s even better to know that both electric and hybrid cars are displacing gas-powered cars in terms of market share.

For Chinese EV manufacturers looking to establish production in North America, Mexico may be a vital location. Analysts believe it may also be a means of introducing EVs into the US.

It’s likely the case that BYD is the only Chinese EV manufacturer producing cars for the US market. In Lancaster, California, the firm runs a 550,000-square-foot electric bus plant.


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