Anticipated are new M3 MacBook Air models in March 2024

Anticipated are new M3 MacBook Air models in March 2024

According to a report Apple’s future plans for the iPad and Mac, the company intends to update the MacBook Air sometime in March of 2024. New models of the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air are currently under development.

Apple did not alter the design of the 2024 models, unlike the 2022 model, which was completely redone, and the 2023 model, which debuted in a larger size. Instead, new internal hardware—including the upgraded M3 chip—will be the main focus.

The M3 chip, which was first used in the updated MacBook Pro models earlier this year, is the first to be built using Apple’s 3-nanometer technology, which improves efficiency and performance. According to benchmarks, the M3 chip’s CPU can operate up to 21% faster than the M2, while the GPU can operate up to 15% faster.

Gurman claims that Apple is working on the Macs in tandem with macOS 14.3, an update that should be available by the end of January or early February, though new hardware might be released in March. The updated iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which are expected to release in March, may coincide with the release of the new MacBook Air models.

The date of the potential refresh of other Macs is not yet known. October 2023 saw updates for the MacBook Pro and iMac models; January 2023 saw the most recent update for the Mac mini; and June 2023 saw updates for the Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

The fourth quarter of 2023 saw a sharp drop in Mac sales for Apple. Mac sales totaled $7.6 billion, a 34% decrease from Apple’s Q4 2022 revenue of $11.5 billion. Following the release of the October MacBook Pro models, Apple anticipates a spike in Mac sales. An early 2024 MacBook Air refresh is also expected to contribute to this growth.


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