In conversation with Dr. Khizer Ahmed, Entrepreneur with unwavering convictions

In conversation with Dr. Khizer Ahmed, Entrepreneur with unwavering convictions

There is a famous statement in philosophy stating – ‘we are what we do’. It is undoubtedly realistic to every extent. Dr. Khizar Ahmed, a technology specialist who started Digifinite solutions private limited, resonates highly with the saying. He is what we collectively call today a self-made businessman. However, the road on which he chose to achieve the impossible was nothing short of adversity.

Dr. Khizer Ahmed during his NIIT days was a top-ranking student, who after graduation found it indeed very hard to find a job he could completely relate with. And this is how- then known as Khizer technologies and now, digifinite solutions came into existence in 2015. When asked about what inspired Dr. Khizer to set up Digifinite solutions? He says the seed idea of the company was based on goals and values. His main aim, Dr. Khizer says, was to digitally transform the mundane business culture at affordable prices with full-time backend support principally for small businesses.

Every entrepreneur in their initial days’ struggle with their idea being mediocre, not having any potential. Although it might be their nerves talking, it is hard to thrive in an environment that is so competitive and dynamic at every moment. Dr. Khizer, who was asked about the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur, says, is understanding the people and their intentions behind the conversation. He adds, effectively understanding a client poses a challenge at the initial stages, which unsurprisingly enough, subsequently became a daily part of his routine. To quote Dr. Khizer- “Challenges become a routine until you find new challenges to cross and make them a part of your routine”.

The success of an entrepreneur invariably depends on how he sees his business. Dr. Khizer Ahmed, says that a successful entrepreneur is that individual who keeps sustainability as a priority in the long run. Money is important but it shouldn’t be the defining factor of any business enterprise. Dr. Khizer continues to say that despite trying times during waves of pandemic, digifinite solutions managed to work its way in terms of strength and services. And the ability to lead a bunch of aspiring people in the tough times is not something every entrepreneur is born with.

Dr. Khizer Ahmed however is an exception. He observes that his goal to join his dream company was not fulfilled but he did not take this situation negatively in any way. On the contrary, this low point in his life is what drove Dr. Khizer Ahmed to start his own venture where he boosted the self esteem of freshers who were just out of college and helped them in their path of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Dr. Khizer Ahmed is positively prepared in dealing with adversities that come in his way. He points out that while thinking big it is natural to get overwhelmed with failures. He balances the positive and negative factors in such mental preparedness that today there isn’t a thing that takes Dr. Ahmed off guard in the field he is in.

In addition to Digifinite solutions, Dr. Khizer Ahmed has ventured into other new establishments as well, which proved to be humongously successful in the Subsequent times. We ask this business mogul on goals he sets in both personal and professional lives. He replied saying, When he knows he has given his best in both of these lives only then he can sleep soundly in the bed. Here is an important thing we can all learn from: Give your best no matter the position you’re in, this practice will definitely help you in realising your potential. In addition to this, Dr. Khizer vehemently looks out for his employees physical and mental health. This indeed shows the true characteristics of a person.

Lastly, We asked Dr. Khizer about his future plans-

To which he replied, He indeed has something wonderful planned for the future. Digifinite solutions is launching its yet another beautiful application called as SubhVivah (Previous launch was a successful chatting application termed as chaatbaaz) Dr. Khizer also intends to expand the branches all over India. The current locations of the branches are in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Bhopal.

The next big project of Digifinite solutions will be a mathematics app, set to release in December this year, aimed to help the CBSE students of 8th, 9th and 10th.

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