Impacting people’s lives through his network marketing and coaching skills is Daniel Oche Onoja

Impacting people’s lives through his network marketing and coaching skills is Daniel Oche Onoja

“If one aims to attain a certain thing in life, nobody or nothing can stop them in achieving that”, says Daniel who has become a successful name in the digital financial world.

There are a few people who live life by the book rules, adhering to each and every word written into it, and then there are some others who create their own book for living a life on their own terms, working so hard that they eventually turn all their endeavours of life a successful journey for themselves.

The world is aware of how financial technology can get difficult for people who lack the passion for thriving in the same. But, the same industry can give incredible results to those who work consistently to grow their careers and help others as well through it. Daniel Oche Onoja has been doing this, by being an educator, coach and a digital entrepreneur who has been positively impacting the lives of others with his knowledge and skills in network marketing.

The internet and technology has captivated many youngster’s hearts right since the time it picked up pace in the world. Daniel has been one amongst those teens who loved to know more about the internet. At the age of 16, his friend Prince Saidu Abubakar got him in touch with forex trading and this influenced Daniel tremendously. Network marketing was also picking up a lot of pace at that time, which the Nigerian youngster came to know about in the same year.

As days went by, his quest to start working early in life increased and this led him to get enrolled in Wimax Institute of Computer Technology to hone his skills in the same and expand his knowledge. This also multiplied his confidence and Daniel began working in software vendoring, web application, computer hardware repairs, software installation and maintenance. He worked till he got admission in the University of Abuja in 2009.

A few years later, after continuously hustling in the industry, Daniel saw the exponential rise of digital financial products through the power of network marketing, a subject which he had known as a teenager.

Daniel thought to jump into this opportunity and gain some leadership skills from professionals to become successful in network marketing. The GLE Team is where Daniel joined and soon came in contact with his mentor named Paulo Tuynman, under whom he even became an active leader.

It was on Paulo’s recommendation that Daniel joined one of the world’s biggest financial technology firms, Omegapro. This firm has been like a leader in providing cryptocurrency and forex trading services to people in more than 100 countries.

Daniel made it his aim to excel through this firm as a network marketer and soon achieved a status in the company where people today trust him as a financial coach and educator who can guide them towards achieving their financial goals in life, sharing the opportunity of Omegapro amongst a team of over 20,000 members from various parts of the world.

Indeed, Daniel achieved what he aimed for and is still working hard to reach many more feats in the industry.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at

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