One blog that will brighten up your day is ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ by Kyle Anfernee Simpson.

One blog that will brighten up your day is ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ by Kyle Anfernee Simpson.

With several blogs floating around the web, Kyle’s is one which has grabbed all the attention within a short time.

How about a daily dose of laughter in your daily routine? Sounds good, eh! Well, then there’s one destination which will never let you down, and keep you in splits with its humorous write-ups, its ‘The Neighborhood Talk’, the most preferred blog of netizens including celebrities. The blog serves you with all the juicy details and news of happenings in and around the United States, and within a few months of its launch, has garnered the attention of millions worldwide.

How did this unique idea germinate in Kyle’s mind? “After going through a lull at work, where my creative instincts were suppressed, I decided to quit my job and go ahead in working on this idea of mine, which finally took shape by the name ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ six months back”, says Kyle. He wanted creative freedom where he could write without any restrictions, and starting off with his own blog platform was the best way out.

Kyle has been leading a team of enthusiastic young writers who are college students, grooming them to explore their optimum potential and make them grow as fine professionals. Through ‘The Neighborhood Talk’, these young writers publish their own articles and cover the major events which involve celebrities. The writers at the blogging platform indulge in a variety of niches like sports, tech, food, health, politics etc with a touch of humour which keeps the audience engaged. The USP of ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ is that it blends humour in a witty and sarcastic fashion in all its captions, which are really amusing. Within months of its debut, the blog has been growing week after week, with over 34 million impressions a week and over a million profile visits till date. It surely has captured the fancy of its audience, with many netizens vouching for its impressive content which keeps them hooked on to the blog.

‘The Neighborhood Talk’ has been featured on The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News, and Dish Nation. The blogging platform has a separate segment on Good Morning Atlanta on Fox. Kyle, has more recently appeared on Soul’s new talk show ‘The Mix’, where he shared various interesting facts related to his blogging platform, which were engrossing to the core.

With huge success Kyle is all charged up to take his venture to higher levels and seeing the adulation it has been receiving, there’s no doubt that it is bound to create history in coming times.

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