How I, young Rudhrah Gourav founder Of Hoursofnews at the age of 24, realised it was easy to give up but much easier to hold on and emerge victoriously!

How I, young Rudhrah Gourav founder Of Hoursofnews at the age of 24, realised it was easy to give up but much easier to hold on and emerge victoriously!

The current turmoil worldwide has swept the entire mankind into an abyss of dismay and speculation about the future. It is impossible for anyone to remain untouched by the grim realities of daily existence.
For a young person like me who had just stepped into his first job with great enthusiasm and optimism, this was a real push back. Having battled various odds to finally zero down on this particular PR & Marketing profession, I was visibly shaken when I came to terms with the fact that I would not be able to collect my first coveted paycheck due to the absence of business in the pandemic lockdown with its detrimental impact on the economy.

It is ironic that the so-called enthusiasm one musters on the first few days of work is like fizz and disappears with the dash of cold water that the naysayers are so adept at splashing, and believe you me there are so many of them. The first few orders which I had clinched never made it to the bank and resulted in being hastily withdrawn or stopped at the cheque realisation stage. People in business were wary and did not want to take risks or chances. Money was a valuable asset at these times. I remember sitting at home and moping about my 3 month long targeted efforts and dedication which resulted in naught just as they were about to be realised.

Very soon each passing day made me question the vulnerability of existence and how I would survive without any income. I was not one of the blessed few who did not have to worry about daily needs and wants so it was imperative that I came up with a quick solution to survive, and I must admit that I found none.

Each day saw me sinking deep into the mire of depression and sadness. One fine morning as I sat with my cup of tea in my garden patio, I was distracted by the sound of chirping and saw a tiny sparrow building a nest with extreme dedication. It must have made numerous flights with the objective of building it as soon as possible. The nest in place and work rewarded I saw it looking at its’ handiwork from all angles, but nature had other plans in store for this hard worker. A strong gust of wind blew across the slender branch on which the nest was precariously perched. Needless to say that it came crashing down in no time. The bird flew away. My heartfelt heavy as my mind quickly drew a parallel here. The tiny creature’s hard work very much like mine was lost in a fraction of a second, because of circumstances beyond control. With great dejection as I was about to move inside my house, I heard the sound of chirping again. I stood open-mouthed as I saw the same sparrow come back with more twigs and start the entire process all over again on what looked like a firmer and broader branch.
This vision sparked a new desire and motivation in me to rose above my all-consuming depression and make a fresh go. Yes, this was indeed the motivation I needed I said to myself.

I was enveloped with new enthusiasm, a new determination to start things afresh. Being a firm believer in the almighty and his plans, I was pretty sure that this was a god sent signal to ignite my lost dedication and will power.

The Rudhrah Gourav who went inside to wash his tea cup rinsed much more than the dregs of tea – he washed away all doubts and uncertainties too, to make a brand new and fresh start!

Andrew Roxburgh

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