How DearDoc founder Joe Brown found solutions in the midst of struggles

How DearDoc founder Joe Brown found solutions in the midst of struggles

DearDoc founder Joe Brown is not the type of guy to let a problem go unfixed. So when his grandfather, a Boston-based dermatologist, told his grandson that he was seeing a lot of traffic to his website, but very little conversion to actual clients, the wheels started turning.

“I thought about my experience in the software space and realized that a lot of companies and businesses were using those webchats to convert website visitors into customers,” he said. “But there are some challenges that come along with that approach in the healthcare industry. At the time, there wasn’t a healthcare focused option that doctors could install on their websites. That was my ‘a-ha!’ moment.”

In 2019, DearDoc was born.  The practice growth platform for doctors and medical practitioners allows patients to access an easy, convenient way to connect with care providers through easy-to-use and HIPAA-compliant artificial intelligence.

“We wanted to democratize AI so that doctors could access the same technology that big corporations use,” Brown said. “And when the pandemic hit, we pivoted toward other AI-powered solutions that could keep doctor’s offices and DearDoc in business.”

During COVID-19, DearDoc continued to roll out products that enabled a higher level of care for patients at every step of their journey. Brown said his team already had the sales tools and talent to sell the product – and that’s what set DearDoc apart from the rest.

“We had our best month in April 2020 after we made the decision to invest in sales and accelerate our telemedicine product road map,” he said. “And since then, we’ve just continued to grow.”

Now that AI-based solutions are becoming more appealing to the healthcare industry, Brown is excited to see what the future holds and what role DearDoc can play.

“We’ve already overcome so much, and it’s really exciting to see where we are now compared to where we started,” he said. “I’m glad we’re at the forefront of our industry now, and I’m really looking forward to what we can accomplish as we keep finding new ways to serve doctors and their patients.”

Derek Robins

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