Hip Hop Artist Hy Osama’s words To Describe His Journey And Life

Hip Hop Artist Hy Osama’s words To Describe His Journey And Life

Hy Osama’s Words
Growing up in South Jamacia Queens as a kid could’ve been one of the hardest obstacles in life due to the violence and the encounters of the community. 2016 I decided that i wanted to Start Rapping & Explain Life Growing up in the “TRENCHES”… One thing about me is that I was always DEDICATED to music , Just never had a studio .. The Day I Discovered The Studio I Never Stopped Going … I found out how to use my voice as an instrument to create a various amount of sounds which actually comes out pretty good . I was always inspired by 50 cent & other “GANGSTER” artists as a kid & what made me really want to put on for SOUTH JAMACIA QUEENS is that 50 cent once Resided In The Area . Baisley Projects was always known for good music & other events such as BAISLEY DAT & Many More . I Had Dreams And Visions To Be Standing On Stage One Baisley Day & Eventually My Time Came & it felt amazing . Time Goes Along & 2018-2019 I’ve been flooding All Platforms such as TIDAL APPLE MUSIC YOUTUBE SOUNDCLOUD DEEZER AMAZON MUSIC SPOTIFY IHEART RADIO AND MANY MORE with EP’s, Albums, Singles & Features … I Am A Solo Artist with Big Dreams and i will MAKE IT OUT.

Today Hy Osama is a well known name in New York and he wants to make his name in other countries as well and the only thing he needs is your support. He also has an instagram following over 111K.
Not even this, Hy Osama is a verified personality on the following platforms.
Apple Music
Amazon Music
Youtube Music
Google Play Music

Feel free to follow him on instagram “@1realhyosama”

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