Read About Ox Billy’s Upcoming Project And How He Became A Rapper

Read About Ox Billy’s Upcoming Project And How He Became A Rapper

It is really not easy to write a song, it is actually not easy to produce a music and it is literally not easy to mix and match the beats with the lyrics and bring out the best, to bring every little and big thing in effect the only things one should do is practice and hard work.

What do you listen on your iPods, mobile phones, laptops or speakers? Yes, It is a fully prepared song. Many of us love to listen songs to change our mood and many of us love to hear a specific type of music i.e sad, love, energetic and many more. But has anyone ever tried to think that how these songs are being prepared? What’s the story/message the singer wants to give through the lyrics?

In this article we are going to read and know about a hard working musical artist from New York “Ox Billy”.

Born on 13th April 1982. He grew up with a strong family support and values. Just because boxing was his first love, he stated working hard in Gym only to learn the art of boxing but after a period of time Ox realised that boxing is his love but doing rap is way too different and beautiful. He pursed the rap career and started his journey as a rapper in 2001.

In the beginning of his journey, Ox Billy faced a lot of ups and downs including negative reviews on his rap songs, people telling him that rap is not the right thing for him and many more. But his fueled fire and hard work of becoming and artist made him achieve the title of being One of the best Rapper in the whole United States. In his late teens he met Fredo Starr of Onyx and both of them worked together in a group named “Yung Onyx”. While working with Fredo he polished his skills and moved forward in his journey to make more songs and contacts in the same niche.

He also faced hard times during his twenties as he was sent to prison. At that time Ox worked on his craft, himself and made a good signature in front of people around him. After all this he met DJ Kay slay and with Kay slay he worked on many songs and currently both are doing great in the music world.
Ox Billy has given many hit songs to the generation of 2020 and he’s also a verified personality on spotify and apple music. You can find his music on spotify, YouTube, apple music and many other platforms. With DJ Kay slay, Billy is going to release a new album with a name “THE RAP TITAN”.

Follow him on Instagram=”@thereal_oxbilly”

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