Gyro King Houston, spearheaded by Danish Ali, Best Gyro in Houston?

Gyro King Houston, spearheaded by Danish Ali, Best Gyro in Houston?

Living up to his name as the “Gyro King”, Ali, Founder and Owner of the Gyro King Franchise, Led the Charge tonight at the huge ccelebration hosted by “NTV” a Local TV Station. As the lines ran out the door for the ENTIRETY of the pre-event, You could see the sweat gleam off the restaurant owners brow – as he chose to serve 267 plates even though only hired for 200.

This is an every week sometimes twice a week thing for Ali, coming from New York and moving to Houston with nothing but two duffel bags and his family. 7 Restaurants and arguably the most easily recognizable Gyro brand in Houston Later you could tell this was Ali “In his zone”

With a location in every corner of the city of Houston, Ali and Gyro King set the standard for this genre of food and give even the oldest legacy brand of Mediterranean in the city a run for its money. With a dream, a purpose, and some damn good food looks like the American dream is live and well, embodied by the sweat dripping from the brow of Ali

Saqib Malik

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