Google broadly carries out Play Store navigation and settings redesign on Android

Google broadly carries out Play Store navigation and settings redesign on Android

In 2019, the Google Play Store got a Material Theme redesign that was trailed by a dark mode. The next major revamp is here and sees new navigation, just as redone settings.

When carried out, a blue overlay seems to highlight your profile avatar in the upper right corner. Your present record is recorded at the top with others covered up until you tap grow. Beneath that, Google lists your Play Points status with an progress bar.

The “My apps & games” page is unchanged, however “Library” is new and links to Wishlist, Google TV/Play Movies and TV, and Play Books. “Payments & subscriptions” has been consolidated into one page, with “Play Protect” next. “Notifications & offers,” as well as “Play Pass,” has been dropped down contrasted with previous navigation drawer placement. Be that as it may, a alerts count will momentarily show up in the search bar when you first open the application. Settings and Help & feedback round out the list.

By and large, this new route reflects how Google is phasing out navigation drawers on Android, given their general incompatibility with gesture navigation.

Somewhere else, the Settings menu has been patched up. It’s still in fact one considerable list, yet the four main sections are hidden by default. There are no new inclinations, yet everything, including “Family,” has been centralized here.

  • General: Account, auto-update, preferences
  • User Controls: Fingerprint, purchase authentication
  • Family: Parental control, parent guide
  • About: Play Store, build version, device certification

A few clients have had this Play Store redesign for as long as a little while, however Google is presently widely rolling it out. In the event that it doesn’t consequently show up on next install, long-press the homescreen icon to open the App info page and “Force stop.” Afterwards, the revamp should appear.

Priyanka Patil

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