Getting to Know Ralph Sanders, Author of “The Halftime Hustler”

Getting to Know Ralph Sanders, Author of “The Halftime Hustler”

Ralph Sanders has been through struggles that would have broken a lesser man. But despite all that he has been through, he stands with his head high and perseveres, finding strength in his faith. Rather than let life beat him down, Sanders uses every setback as an opportunity for growth and to educate others on how to avoid the same pitfalls.

Sanders grew up in Northern California, in a large family without a father figure. He credits his mother with raising strong children, but he struggled in school and spent more time on the basketball court. His talent for basketball earned him a partial scholarship to Foothill College, but Sanders quickly went down the wrong path that ended with him being incarcerated.

During his time in prison, Sanders turned to God, and upon release, his faith has remained central in his life. Now a youth counselor, motivational speaker, author, husband, and father, Sanders has truly turned his life around and become a valued member of his community and his church.

Despite personal setbacks including a dangerously abusive relationship and intense cyberbullying experience, Sanders has continued with his good work of helping others through the same hardships.

Sanders is especially active with at-risk teens, running Juveniles At Risk (JAR) in Sacramento, and speaking frequently at high schools. He works to help troubled youths complete their high school diplomas or GEDs, and acquire job training to work in the maintenance and construction fields.

Sanders has penned four books about his life, including “Halftime Hustler,” “Break Loose,” “Held Hostage,” and “Meet Me Halfway.” In his free time, he enjoys basketball, skiing, and traveling.

With an unwavering commitment to God and to living a positive and impactful life, Sanders makes service to others his top priority in life.

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