Get rid of the aging nightmare and say goodbye to wrinkles by the miraculous method of Dr. Amir Feily

Get rid of the aging nightmare and say goodbye to wrinkles by the miraculous method of Dr. Amir Feily

The skin aging and gaining wrinkles is not something that happens only by growing old, but many young people also witness aging and skin damage at a young age and wrinkles will be on their skin.

Of course, the aging process of the skin and the increase of its wrinkles become intense with age, and this is often due to the reduction of collagen production in the body and the loss of subcutaneous fat.

Certainly, smooth and fresh skin can give a person more confidence, and on the contrary, aging and wrinkles on it can not only steal the beauty of the skin, but also reduce people’s self-confidence and mental health, so usage of beauty products and skin rejuvenation in the medical field can restore youth and freshness to your skin.

Dr. Amir Feily, the famous and talented Iranian dermatologist, has achieved amazing results by presenting and inventing his own treatment and exceptional beauty methods. One of the most useful facial rejuvenating cases is the filler.

Fillers are new materials that have been able to produce good results with their special properties to treat skin problems and increase its beauty. According to Dr. Feily, one of the face areas that changes clearly with increasing age and its reformatting shows a person’s face is quite young and fresh, is the laugh line or (nasolabial fold), which is recommended to be corrected to rejuvenate the face in the first steps. It should be noted that the laughter line injection should be multilayer (or injection in different layers of the skin) until the laughter line disappears completely. If the injection is done in inappropriate layers, there is a possibility of complications and all the results will be poor and the effects of the laugh line will be seen in the face.

One of the inexperienced doctors mistake in injecting filler is to create cheeks for the patient regardless of the laugh line and tear line, because cheek injections alone can deepen the tear trough and laugh line and the patient’s face will never look younger. Therefore, it is recommended to create the cheek at the same time as correcting the laugh line and also the tear trough under the eyes, which inspires a sense of beauty and youth in the person as much as possible.

Another effective method to get rid of aging is by the use of carbon dioxide lasers. Dr. Feily is one of the pioneers of this method, who has been able to give millions of people the feeling of youth and confidence again with his special treatment method in only some limited sessions. Rejuvenation and wrinkle removal with fractional CO2 laser rejuvenates and significantly improves skin pigmentation and wrinkle abnormalities.

Using this technology is the best way to treat wrinkles caused by sunlight and remove pimples and laughter lines. The main reason for using fractional CO2 facial rejuvenation laser to repair the skin is its high reliability and accuracy in achieving the desired results and its ultimately protection and safety.

These days, with the advancement of science and technology in the field of medicine and beauty, other methods such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, hydrodermabrasion, face lift mesotherapy and Botox have also flourished to eliminate skin wrinkles and rejuvenate, each of which can be used according to expert diagnosis.

With these methods, experimentally, everyone can be at least ten years younger and feel the freshness in their youthful skin again. To overview and get more information about Dr. Feily’s methods and treatments, you can follow the Instagram page below Too.

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