Gabe Schillinger with his Legion Beats taking the Music Industry to new highs in 2020.

Gabe Schillinger with his Legion Beats taking the Music Industry to new highs in 2020.

Earn in six-figure by using the marketing strategies of Gabe Schillinger’s- The Producer Funnel.

The music industry’s return continues, as its digital alteration creates new possibilities for promoting, personalization, enhanced audio quality, getting artists paid, and even a change in how Legion Beats are made.

Music is an industry that is continuously growing even in this Pandemic time. It is like a river which will flow continuously till we breathe. Gabe Schillinger founder of Legion Beats worked with many top names says music is attached to everyone’s soul so whatever is the situation people need some relaxation in life and that comes with music. 

Gabe Schillinger is a renowned name in the music industry, an entrepreneur and a music producer who has made his mark by working with legends in the business including Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Too Short, wearing the hat of a music producer and engineer. 

Musicians and artists need people like Gabe who can help them grow in this competitive world. He is lethal for the people who are new to the industry. By joining hands with Gabe means success guaranteed. Gabe’s marketing strategies are way innovative and updated than others in the market. 

In the past few years, he has connected with many big names in the music industry. Recently he partnered with Adrian Wood, CEO of Anno Domini Beats and started a company named Midi Money. This collaboration motive is to help everyone and make a tree of music producers as a community which can bring new changes in the music world. 

The music industry needs people like Gabe who can bring something new and refreshing, which can keep production running and artists get some benefits of their art. Legion, Beats is encouraging music people to create new things in the music industry and implement it on the ground level.

With constant effort, Gabe is getting fabulous returns too. Gabe showed his talent by earning more than $200,000 in revenue in just one week and became the first one in history to make in six-figures in the first launch. 

Gabe, with his Midi Money, is setting and high standards in the music industry and demonstrating the advantages of working on a constant basis. It is a unique platform which educates music entrepreneurs and helps them grow in this competitive industry. 

Gabe is growing as a leader in the music industry getting featured on podcasts, case studies and has also made his presence felt at a marketing conference called Funnel Hacking Live, where he shared the stage with top entrepreneurs. He shared his views on thousands of marketers and business owners. 

Derek Robins

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