Fruta Brutal, a musical sensation expanding around the globe

Fruta Brutal, a musical sensation expanding around the globe

His new single “Cultura Vampira”,  an ambitious song released by Soundbreaker Records, is increasing the artist’s reach and showing a new side to his music. The song succeeds in creating an unconventional combination of reggaeton, rock, and hip-hop. 

Martin Better Longo, commonly known musically as “Fruta Brutal” is a bilingual Ecuadorian artist who migrated to the States at a young age. From exposure to New Orleans musical culture and his backpacking trips around South America he found his musical identity. 

With his latest release, a perfect fit for this Halloween season, he is aiming to conquer a bigger audience by sharing the story of a powerful vampire who has grown tired of his immortality and finds excitement and comfort only when hosting decadent parties where he and his vampire friends feast on humans.

The Cultura Vampira Music Video shows one of these decadent parties where multiple vampires are elegantly dining, dancing, and playing music. The Vampire protagonist, played by Fruta Brutal himself, is the host of these parties, outwardly boastful and proud, however, in the more intimate scenes of the video we see him yearning desperately for human mortality and a reconnection to the cycle of life. 

The lyrics and the concept of the song feel like a reminder about cherishing the short life we have, and, for those who can understand Spanish, there are plenty of insightful phrases throughout the song.

“El baile de la vida tiene más sentido cuando sabes que se debe terminar”

Translates to:

“The dance of life is more meaningful when you know it must come to an end”

With this sentence, the artist expresses the key message in the song: how knowing that life will end brings more value to it.

The Debut Album from Fruta Brutal, including songs like Cultura Vampira and Digitality will be released soon, offering a complete portrait of the bilingual flavour that has made his fans fall in love with him.

We’ve seen an eclectic, but well-defined sound since the beginning. One of his first and most streamed songs “Jardines De Las Delicias”, released in 2020, shows unique melodies and compositional beauty found in few artists these days. In just two years the evolution has been noticeable, moving into the “Indie Latin Rock Pop” he produces today with each single.

One of the artist’s unique characteristics will always be the art covers for his songs, from his earlier releases, such as “Mercy From Mortality” or “Just Wait For It” to “Digitality” we find a dynamic range of illustrations.

For now, while the Debut album is in process, we can enjoy his wonderful catalogue filled with hits on all platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora…) and now with his first Official Music Video, fans are rushing to express their support of Fruta Brutal via Youtube as well as social media.

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