From a troubled teen to creating a life of her own terms in the fitness world, meet Gaby Gauthier.

From a troubled teen to creating a life of her own terms in the fitness world, meet Gaby Gauthier.

This young girl from Toronto saw it all before she immersed herself in the world of fitness and now is determined to inspire other women as well.

It is always amazing to see and hear about people who, after seeing the many downs in life, choose to rise above their circumstance, remain relentless in their pursuit towards a better life and be a light to those around them.

All these individuals, be it in any field, are people who go ahead in creating a unique place for themselves in the world and inspire those around them in ways more than one.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Gaby Gauthier, a rising name in the fitness world. Gaby Gauthier was born in 1996. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario called Iroquois Falls.

Gaby wasn’t always about being healthy & inspiring those around her. She had a troubled upbringing. She struggled with substances, poor finances, had a very sick mother, a poor high school record, was constantly getting suspended from school & was getting in trouble with the law at a young age.

Today at 24 years of age is no longer running from her demons, she is raring to reach the top of her game in the fitness industry and also wishes to positively impact the lives of those around her by speaking about her story & showing others what is possible.

In 2014, after getting kicked off of all of her high school sports teams for her behaviour Gaby didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, however the gym had a place her for her it is where her “new life” began.

Within 6 months of being in the gym Gaby Gauthier decided to part ways with her life of rebellion and began competing in bodybuilding in hopes that this would be her way “out” of the destructive path she was taking. Seemingly overnight the young girls life changed. She then got the opportunity to work along with many magazines, events, etc. Suddenly she had a place where nobody knew her history. They just saw young talent.

All through these years, amidst the many ups and downs she saw in her life the one thing that kept her grounded and provided her stability was fitness, teaching her the value of hard work and how to keep pushing in life.

In 2018 Gaby Gauthier went ahead to win first place and get qualified for Nationals. However, again her past came back for her when her mother fell sick and in the hospital. As a result the bills couldn’t be paid, she lost her home, couldn’t afford to continue to go to school and was backed into a corner. She was faced with two options: Go to the army, or work relentlessly to rebuild a life for herself. This is when she started her career as a personal trainer & lifestyle coach.

Gaby Gauthier worked tirelessly to get her head above water for 2 years and then finally began to make her come back to the stage with Hammer Fitness in 2019 which just so happened to be when the pandemic struck but even then, she did not let this stop her. She kept going regardless. Her shows got cancelled 5 times & she continued to get back up everytime she was kicked down & eventually got up on stage 10 months later in October 2020 where she won first place in both of her shows. She then made into Muscle Insider Magazine later that year as one of Canada’s fittest women (Hot & Fit 100).

Since then, Gaby had changed her approach to fitness. Today, instead of living in such extremes Gaby strives to live a life of balance, she is no longer running from her old identity as a troubled teen & instead she runs towards a new one, being so much more than just a fit body or someone who identifies with their dark past. She cares about using fitness as an outlet and a way to complement life but not consume it & teaching other women to do the same by instilling the importance of a strong mindset & strong habits.

Gaby has seen many different angles of life which puts her in a position to deeply connect with other women so she can help them do the same; whether their goal is to have a purpose, lose weight, feel better about themselves, turn their lives around, find balance, work hard or even finally break black and white approach to their health Gaby has been there herself so she knows exactly what it’s like to be in her clients shoes.

Gaby Gauthier is the definition of unstoppable and we can’t wait to continue to see the lives she changes & the successes she is determined to achieve in the fitness game.

Derek Robins

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