Former Olympic figure skater Pierre Balian is making waves in the music industry

Former Olympic figure skater Pierre Balian is making waves in the music industry

Pierre Balian is a small business owner who’s known to be around celebrities like Justin Bieber, G Eazy, and many more, making waves in the industry with a new an innovative way to scale social media profiles for musicians all over the world. In 2017 He launch his company, For The Culture Couture, with a focus on music and marketing. FTCC is the only company that can do what they do and they have a full roster of celebrity clientele to prove it. His extensive network of influencers and knowledge of social media enabled him to be a force to be reckoned with.

In 2018, Pierre dove into the international scene and began working with Brazilian popstar, Biel and executive produce his debut Spanish project. By doing this, he created a buzz in South of the border. Later that year, Pierre would join forces with Steve “Capo” Newland, owner of IMS, a consultant agency out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Together they have changed the way music artists are using their platform a to reach a wider audience. Currently, Pierre has multiple projects in the works, one of which as executive producer on a project with Warner Music, Brazil and another with Latin super producer Mafo. Both set to release 2020.

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