Famous Iranian singer Sadegh Azmand spoke about the connection between music and the human soul.

Famous Iranian singer Sadegh Azmand spoke about the connection between music and the human soul.

Sadegh Azmand (born may 3, 1991, Tehran-Iran) known today jointly as one of the foremost successful Iranian and Turkish composers and singers, Sadegh Azmand currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. After participating in the “Oses Turkey” competition broadcast on Turkish television in 2016. He caught the eye of the many Iranians and Turks and fans of traditional music in these two countries.

Sadegh Azmand recently talked about the connection between music and human’s soul: Music is one of the foremost important emotional experiences in everyone’s life. Music can calm or destroy the human soul.

Because music is the expression of emotion through sound, the listener can also participate in this feeling intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, we must be fully attentive to what we hear and the sensation that we enter through the ear into our brain and soul.

He added that today many of us make music during a style of styles, many of whom don’t seem to be trained enough to try and do so, and taking note of their music can cause discomfort, anxiety, stress, or maybe discomfort.

Sadegh Azmand believes that music has many effects on the human psyche. It may be said to be a sort of food for the human soul and a bit like we should always use good food for the body. For our soul, we’ve to be important and choose good music to pay attention to.

There are different stages and distances in music. What composers use to form a replacement feeling.

Sound musicians are those that have a sound mind and proper education, and their purpose in making music is to form love, light, and peace, or as we musicians call it, the flight of the soul.

I am happy that the music I’ve got produced thus far has been so well received by the people of Iran and Turkey and I’ve got been ready to open up some space within the hearts of individuals in my country. My goal in producing music is to spread love and produce real sounds and voices to the ears of the planet. I’m golden for producing top quality and enduring music for people’s happiness and world peace and I am lucky that this type of amalgamation of traditional and western music has found companions such as you and you nowadays to project with more energy. I follow new songs, hope you enjoy my dear ones.

Sadegh Azmand had several very strong collaborations with Iranian and Turkish TV channels, international platforms, and international festivals, and collaborated plenty with the most effective Iranian and Turkish producers, directors, singers, and actors like Touraj Aslani – Saeed Agakhani. – Ramin Rastad – Reza Abbasi – Amir Eight and … who managed to achieve plenty of fans and recently announced the beginning of a replacement project with a gaggle of friends and team members.

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