Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are gaining the attention of investors. The launch of digital currencies and NFTs has indulged many blockchain network traders in the past decade. The introduction of Web 3.0 and Metaverse has raised the demand of developers and designers around the world. Various people globally are taking a keen interest in learning about the decentralized network, i.e., blockchain technology.

Unlike conventional stock trading, people do not need to be dependent on brokerage services. It is easily controllable via smartphone or desktop. All people need is a digital wallet to store digital currencies or tokens. Investors and Traders use exchanges, such as Binance, to buy or sell digital assets without any hassle. Initially, the blockchain industry was well-known for the launch of Bitcoin. However, millions of currencies and NFT have been launched in the past few years.

A large number of developers are taking a keen interest in the launch of web 3.0 and Metaverse. The designers and illustrators are already making huge profits from their NFTs. Everyone who understands the market very well can benefit from this technology and maximize profits. However, one needs to be well-prepared and well-educated before jumping into the pool of blockchain. With the agenda of spreading blockchain education, Coinmarketpedia brings an online platform for new learners, professional traders, developers, and designers to learn everything related to digital currencies, NFTs, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and the entire blockchain networking.

Traders, investors, and newbies can easily learn about digital currencies and blockchain technology on an educational platform Coinmarketpedia. The platform offers online crypto and blockchain education to help traders make smart decisions for setting a bright future. The blockchain industry opens doors of opportunities for traders, investors, and developers. People who are interested in buying and selling digital coins can easily do it to maximize profits. Not just individuals but companies prefer investing in digital currencies to ensure passive income and maximize profits. No one exactly knows the future price of the cryptocurrency. It is a fluctuating market where the price sometimes hits the highest point and sometimes decreases to its lowest position. It is a game of patience and smart decisions.

People need to look at several things before making buying or selling decisions. The things include a price graph that shows at which pace the price went high and after which position the price tends to reduce down. People need to understand the science behind statistics, which helps them make efficient decisions. Coinmarketpedia provides education on everything related to crypto trading and blockchain technology. Learners, traders and developers should watch the pre-recorded videos on the platform to broaden their understanding, learn new things, and start trading in a profitable way.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has also launched NFT. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) is a digital art that is unique and owned by its creator or the investor. NFT is created with blockchain technology and traded with cryptocurrencies. The launch of NFT and the introduction of Metaverse and Web 3.0 have opened the doors of opportunities for designers and developers. The designers can create their own NFTs and launch them on particular platforms to harness the attention of potential buyers. If people cannot create NFTs, they can buy them for trading and maximizing profits.

The blockchain industry offers a variety of things to invest, trade, and earn money. However, one needs proper education to do it the right way. If trading can generate profits, it can also cause huge losses. Therefore, traders need to be well-prepared and educated before making crucial decisions. Coinmarketpedia is the platform for all the learners, traders, investors, designers, and developers who want to start earning from blockchain networking.

Coinmarketpedia was co-founded by Ashay Arya, Aryan Farivar, and Amir Alaghband in 2020. However, the key people of this company started working to create this education platform in mid-2019. The people who work on this platform are professional traders and blockchain experts. The company aims to empower newbies, learners, traders, and developers through pre-recorded, live 1-on-1 courses and webinars customized for enthusiasts, experts, developers, traders and content creators to share their knowledge & expertise, and earn sustainable income, by encouraging learners to learn and earn. The educational platform provides in-depth knowledge to the designers and developers who want to use their designing skills for creating NFTs. The platform also provides education for the traders for making smart decisions timely.

The key people of Coinmarketpedia understand that crypto knowledge is power. They collaborated with academic professionals and investors of the industry, creating new innovative learning paths designed for learners to gain skills, explore an interest, change careers, or expand their expertise.

Coinmarketpedia started its services from Indonesia but moved to Dubai. Today, the company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and provides blockchain educational services worldwide. Currently, the company offers 100+ pre-recorded online courses on its website.

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