Exclusively Us Times: Interview with Banbouk: I never regret racing but I’m I’m glad that I stopped

Exclusively Us Times: Interview with Banbouk: I never regret racing but I’m I’m glad that I stopped

Name : Mohanad Banbouk

Birthdate : 24/02/1989

Racing weight: 165 Lbs

Brothers: Mouneeb/Molham

lnFather: Bechir Banbouk


Sponsors: Yamaha, Suzuki, Repsol

Can you tell us about your racing career how it started and how it ended! also why you started racing again after the first big accident?

That’s a 6 years story but I will try to be quick, I started working with Yamaha UAE in 2010, and I used to race for them on ATV Yamaha Raptor 700 (Quad bikes ) for 3 years ,First year I was the second in UAE Quad race and the first for 2 years and on my last race which was sponsored by Redbull I had a big accident in the desert and broke my 2 legs and that day I decided to stop racing ,I had a surgery in Dubai and they fixed two metal plates in my right leg and I was home not able to walk for 5 month.

In 2014 I started giving presentations about bikes safety for Emirates Bikes Festival and then I met Suzuki middle east team at one of the shows where my brother Mouneeb Banbouk used to race and they convinced me about joining the team ,since I love riding bikes I forgot about all the pain and I accepted the offer and I signed with them to be racing on Suzuki 1000 and Suzuki Hayabusa in Dubai,Got a successful 2 years where I won 2 golden medals and one silver till the day came and I got into an accident in UAE Sport bike championship on 16/04/2016 and that was the day I broke my two legs again and two hands and I took me almost a year to recover so sadly  I decided to quit .

Is there a chance for you to start racing again ?

I don’t think so since im really focused these days on my Music career and I don’t want to risk my life again ,  I talked to enough Doctor’s and therapists throughout my career, and I had torn every ligament, tendon in every joint in my body that they convinced me that my body would not heal itself if I didn’t quit.

What do you think made you different from all the other racers ?

I feel like my confidence was a lot stronger. I didn’t party at all. I didn’t drink at all during the racing period , I was always sure that I will win even before I start the race

In one word what would you say about your racing career?


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