Epiphany Monet, an upcoming singer-songwriter, talks about how her music played a big role in shaping her personality

Epiphany Monet, an upcoming singer-songwriter, talks about how her music played a big role in shaping her personality

Epiphany Monet is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. Music has always been her safe haven and saviour when things are not going her way. As far as her muses and inspirations are concerned, she says, “I am inspired by many artists including Amy Winehouse, Daughter, and Julien Baker. The way they share their stories through their music has truly changed my life and encourages me to share my story. My family is a big part of my story, and I would not be able to create without them. They challenge me to be the type of person who doesn’t give up.” 

Epiphany got inspired by her brother in the early stages of life where she would catch him playing the guitar for hours. She says, “I understood why my brother would spend hours and hours playing. I actually “stole” the guitar that I play now from my brother. He always jokes that he taught me everything I know. He may not have taught me all of the notes, but he did show me how to put everything I have into a song”. She owes a big part of her success to her brother and does not shy away while giving the credit to him. Her musical journey has been an interesting one when asked about it, she says, “It was definitely scary at first. If I’m being honest, it still is.” Going into the unknown is always scary at first but when the fog starts to clear out, we see things from a different perspective. We look back at the struggling days and understand why those days were necessary to happen and how they have made us a better artist.  One of Epiphany’s greatest songs in this aspect is “When I’m feeling lonely”, which mirrors the above sentiment. 

Her positive attitude and outlook towards life have always been a ray of sunshine for her as she seeks good things in a challenging situation. She does not back down without a fight and this is taking her places in life, especially in the very competitive music industry. We are excited about Epiphany Monet’s upcoming releases and wish her the best of luck for her future in the music industry.

To know more about Epiphany Monet and see snippets of her life behind the stage, follow her on the links given below:

Instagram – https://instagram.com/epiphanymonet

Website- https://epiphanymonet.com

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