Fans of NY Jets flew after Pats against 4 INT by Zac Wilson

Fans of NY Jets flew after Pats against 4 INT by Zac Wilson

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (AP) – Mac Jones kept his mistakes to a minimum, moving the ball down the field and doing enough to win his first NFL win with the New England Patriots.

Thank you so much, thanks so much to Jacques Wilson for the New York Jets for a night out.

Jones was smart and efficient, with touchdowns from Damien Harris and James White, and the Patriots stopped Wilson four times in Sunday’s 25-6 win.

“It feels good,” Jones said. “Everyone is saying this: it’s hard to win in the NFL. You have to take it for a price. We will be healed. Anyone who has watched the game will agree that offense can play better. ”

At least he and the Patriots were better than Wilson and the Jets. And it wasn’t close.

Jones, ranked 15th overall in the draft, was 22 out of 30 for 186 yards for the Patriots (1-1) and 29 for 39 for 281 yards and a week after the touchdown in the loss to Miami.

White said, “He’s going to compete in four quarters, no matter what. “He remains inspired. It’s hard to have a Rookie quarterback there. Many things are thrown at you. He got stuck in the whole game. ”

New England topped New York in the 11th game in a row, with Wilson throwing the ball to the wrong team in the home opener for the Jets (0-2), who lost 11 straight in September.

It got even worse at the start of the fourth quarter when the No. 2 total draft pick knocked out a receiver, the crowd at MetLife Stadium – enthusiastic and enthusiastic in their first game since 22 December 2019 – young QB due to an epidemic.

“They must be smelling, right?” Wilson said. “We didn’t play well on offense. Our defense gave us a good chance to win. We didn’t run, we didn’t move the ball properly and we didn’t get any points. We have to do even better there. ”

Wilson (19 of 33 for 210 yards and four INTs) struggled immediately.

“It’s on my shoulders,” Wilson said. “I want to do even better.”

Wilson’s struggles should have been expected: Bill Belichick has been 22-6 against the Rookie quarterback since taking over as patriotic coach in 2000.

“Bill always talks about winning turnover margins, and that’s a big indication of who wins the game,” said Patriots Safety Devin McCorty, one of four INTs. “To win turnover margin, we have to build turnover. We did a good job of it early in the game. It had a big impact on the game. ”

After Marcus Maye’s sack pushed the Patriots out of their starting position on the field goal, the Jets got the ball at their at. Wilson threw a downfield to Corey Davis in traffic and Jesse Jackson tossed it in the air, McCorty turned it over and the ball landed in Jackson’s hands for his first two interceptions.

The Patriots capitalized on Nick Fok’s 46-yard field goal.

Jackson said, “You go there and set the tone, and hopefully your teammates can eat it.”

Wilson’s second pass was also picked up, this time by Adrian Phillips who caught the ball after it went through the hands of a high throw Davis. New England came into the last zone, with White taking a 10-0 lead.

Wilson made another wrong decision by giving Elijah Moore an underthrone pass on New York’s fourth campaign, which Jackson easily picked up again.

According to NFL research, Wilson was the first player since 1991 to throw INTs on his first two pass attempts in the game. He was also the first player to throw three INTs in the first five pass attempts in the game since at least ’91.

Jets coach Robert Saleh said, “He was a bit far.

The fourth hurdle opened in the second half when he put the pass downfield which was easily picked up by McCorty. After two plays, what Harris saw was seven – yes, seven! Face the Jets ’efforts for a -26-yard touchdown.

Folk, a former jet, made 32-yards in the third quarter for his franchise’s record 32nd consecutive field goal. He added 26-yards to limit his day.

“I’ve heard, but I don’t really care,” people said of Mark. “I’ve never been one for the record.”

While Wilson was struggling, patriotic linebacker Kelly Van Noy – inactive due to a neck injury – took to Twitter and caused a stir on social media.

“Ghost again?!?” Van Noy tweeted in the third quarter.

He was, of course, referring to former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold being caught on TV and he thought he was “watching the ghost” in New England’s 33-0 run in the 7th week of the 2019 season.

Wilson was asked if he had seen a ghost: “No,” he said. “Certainly not.”

The Jets trailed the halftime by just 13-3, but history has shown that the Patriots wrapped it all up. New England have won 41 games in a row as they take a double-digit lead after two quarters, the NFL’s longest active series.

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