Entrepreneur Prajwal Ramamurthy has excelled in the entrepreneurial realm having succeeded in various businesses

Entrepreneur Prajwal Ramamurthy has excelled in the entrepreneurial realm having succeeded in various businesses

Prajwal Ramamurthy hails from India and has done exceptionally well in the entrepreneurial zone by establishing multiple businesses which are doing exceedingly well presently. Coming from a modest background where his father was into real estate and mother a software engineer, he didn’t have a cushiony childhood. Fortunately, his mother relocated to the United States when he was 14, and that’s when he started working to support himself, doing odd jobs. The world of business always attracted him, and he was always inclined towards going the entrepreneurial way. His first tryst with business started when he started buying phones, fixing, repairing and unlocking them for profits. However, he knew this job would not get him anywhere and that’s the reason he enrolled for a four-year degree course at Full Sail University in Orlando and graduated in honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, specifically in Mobile Application Development.

His education got him some lucrative job offers which he couldn’t resist, and soon he was working as a software engineer for companies creating iOS and Android applications. Having gained rich experience working for some of the biggest tech companies in Dallas, TX, he got a good grip over the subject and formed his own team which started taking up freelance projects. Cracking the entrepreneurial realm code was not easy, which he wanted to, disparately. His passion for cars landed him with a car rental business, which he started with one car, expanding to three within a short span of time, while simultaneously working as an IT professional. Unfortunately, his business was short lived as he has to relocate to Houston on a professional assignment from his company. “I somehow wanted to step into the world of business and was constantly looking for ways to get into it, even after reaching Houston, which I eventually I established my exotic car rental company called Leozen Exotic Rentals and that kick-started my entrepreneurial journey once again,” says Prajwal.

Today, his fleet has grown huge, with a wide collection of chauffeur driven cars ready to service the region. Simultaneously, he has established his real estate business which is also doing exceedingly well. Prajwal Ramamurthy is a known name amongst business circles in the US owing to his successful ventures which have risen to rule their respective zones, be it luxury car rentals, real estate or application development.

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