Entrepreneur Marcuus Lawrence shares secret to success on getting 100k views on YouTube

Entrepreneur Marcuus Lawrence shares secret to success on getting 100k views on YouTube

It takes a lot of courage, patience, willpower, passion and zeal to create a YouTube account. Coming to think of it, making profiles and randomly disliking or writing negative comments on a video is easy without thinking about all the hard work and effort that goes into making that video. Whether it’s a food blog or a well-thought, scripted fitness video, we owe to the content creators for creating the content that they do. 

And one among them is Marcuus Lawrence. Over time, Lawrence has gone on to create a niche for himself. That’s not all. Lawrence has also created a tool, an online platform that allows influencers from around the globe to connect with one another called InSwip. He recently added another feather to his crowded cap – 100k+ views on his online channel. 

With 3.22K active subscribers, Lawrence has not just impressed his fans on Instagram but on YouTube as well with his detailed videos including Mr Punisher, De Miami A Dunkerque among others. 

“The idea was never to get x number of followers of views, my main goal was to create something unique, interesting, and fun. Moreover, something that hasn’t been seen before. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing while curating content. I think of what I like and then begin the process,” says Lawrence. 

Speaking of his platform, Lawrence went on to say that he has achieved more than 3 million sales with several of his websites. In fact, he was getting a lot of messages from people asking him on how he found so many influencers so quickly. And today, he has influencers joining in from 25 different countries with the website reaching new heights. 

“It’s all about chasing your passion and the things you believe in. I followed my passions and dreams, and today, I am celebrating 100k views on Youtube. That’s all I tell youngsters, keep the faith in your dreams,” concludes Lawrence.

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