Entrepreneur Kheam Panha reveals the secrets to multiply your finances

Entrepreneur Kheam Panha reveals the secrets to multiply your finances

Kheam Panha is a well established entrepreneur who has his hands in multiple businesses spread across the country. He established his real estate company ‘Kheam Panha Co.,Ltd.’, which has become one of the largest companies in the Cambodia. His passion to achieve greater heights made him jump into multiple businesses and today he owns and manages 15 businesses which are doing exceedingly well.

He observes that a majority of the population is crushed under financial woes which immobilizes them to achieve their desires. He feels that these are a part and parcel of everyone’s lives, and there are innumerable means to deal with them. He strongly feels the need to create multiple sources of income which can bring that much needed stability in people’s lives. This multi-millionaire real estate tycoon is a self made man and knows the right path to success. He has come up in life after a lot of struggles and shares the nitty grit’s on generating incomes from various sources.

One of the foremost step that one has to adopt is having a millionaire mindset. The right frame of mind can work wonders according to Kheam Panha. One of the finest examples can be found in the book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy”, which reveals the facts about world’s self made millionaires who drive used cars, stay in modest neighborhoods and wear average clothes. They are exceptionally well versed in handling their finances, which makes them multiply their wealth in the long run. The bottom line according to Shakir is to develop the right mindset and have clear goals to achieve financial freedom which comes along with success. Investing an proportionate amount of your savings to build a secondary business is one fine way to make your money grow. Kheam Panha also feels the need to have a source of passive income which can be generated by creating a YouTube channel which comprises of engaging content, which can help generate a decent amount over and above your primary source of income.

“To break the shackles of financial worries, one has to organize themselves and get started, I’m sure there would be no stopping if you walk the right path which would ultimately lead you to success.” concludes Kheam Panha. 

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